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Biohazard 25th Episode Selection is a physical bundle released as part of the series' 25th Anniversary campaign. It is essentially a box set of all the numbered titles.


It was released November 25th, 2021 only in Japan. The set is divided into three separate volumes each with their own box.

Vol. 3 includes 13 types of postcards consisting of various game box-art.

Pre-ordering from certain retailers comes with unique digital wallpapers. Participating stores included, Joshin, and Rakuten Books.


Biohazard 25th Episode Selection Vol. 1

  • Biohazard Origins Collection Best Price (includes Biohazard HD Remaster & Biohazard 0 HD Remaster)
  • Biohazard RE:2 Z Version Best Price
  • Biohazard RE:3 Z Version

Biohazard 25th Episode Selection Vol. 2

  • Biohazard 4
  • Biohazard 5
  • Biohazard 6

Biohazard 25th Episode Selection Vol. 3

  • Biohazard 7 resident evil Gold Edition Grotesque Ver. Best Price
  • Biohazard Village Z Version
  • Product code for Biohazard RE:Verse
  • Biohazard series postcard set