Hallucination "biohazard 4" (幻の「バイオハザード4」 Maboroshi no "biohazard 4"?) is the term given to the second stage in the Resident Evil 4 development cycle, succeeding "Castle".[1]


"Hookman was merely an experiment and there was no true back-story. I wanted to make biohazard 4 scarier and suggested using a particular scene from the film "The Lost Souls", where the main character (played by Winona Ryder), while washing her hands in a bathroom, suddenly finds herself in a derelict building with a killer on the loose. An arranged version of this idea eventually turned into Hookman."
Yasuhisa Kawamura [2]

There is not much known about the plot in this version, it is presumed that the developers commented and stated that this version was merely a test using previous assets from the Castle version and new gameplay ideas the writer and producer wanted to experiment with, the main test map of this build is composed of a few rooms only with no entrance or exit.



During E3 2003, both a demo and trailer were made for Resident Evil 4, which had reached its "Hallucination" stage of development. The game displayed numerous elements that were carried over to the final release:

  • The over-the-shoulder perspective when Leon's weapon is drawn.[1] However, in the video, there are a few times when Leon aims without the over-the-shoulder camera. The game reverts to a third-person view like a traditional Resident Evil game.
  • A red laser sight for Leon to use while aiming.
  • Leon being infected.
  • The flashlight that is added to Leon's character design.
  • A suit of armor suddenly attacking Leon when he attempts to pass it, as well as the button combination to dodge the attack.
  • The button option to throw a grenade.
  • The concept of assigning the L button to draw another type of weapon. In the beta version, the weapon was a grenade; in early final trials it is removed, in the final release, the weapon was a knife.
  • The 'struggle' feature where player has to break free from an enemy's grasp.
  • Leon's health indicator. It flashes when Leon is hurt, but in the final release the developers decided to add a HUD to display more information.


First shown at E3 in 2003, this version was set in a mansion and featured Leon fighting what appeared to be paranormal enemies, such as medieval suits of armor and living dolls. Still infected with a virus as in "Castle", the screen would adopt a blue filter once the paranormal entities appeared as part of hallucinations.[3] The most notable enemy in this version was the "Hook Man", a ghost-looking man carrying a large hook.[1][3]

This version was reportedly so scary that Shinji Mikami warned the gamers with an infamous quote "Don't pee your pants" prior showing the initial trailer at E3.[1] Gameplay footage of this version was featured in the Biohazard 4 Secret DVD.[4] Ultimately, "Castle" and "Hallucination" were scrapped due to technical limitations which would cost too much to resolve.





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