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biohazard4 Incubate is a 97-minute made-for-DVD CGI film released by Capcom after the PlayStation 2 release of Resident Evil 4. It is intended to summarize the whole story. In English audio, the film plays Japanese subtitles as is frequent in the series. It also included a bonus booklet written as a journal which explains the life in the village before and after the arrival of Osmund Saddler. It also explained some plot holes such the whereabouts of the children, with artwork that was also found in the Resident Evil 4 credits.

Scene skips[]

biohazard4 Incubate cuts away a number of sections of the game's plot for the sake of being compact, with such sections being cut away as:

  • The walk to the Village;
  • The fight with Del Lago;
  • Much of Chapters 3 and 4;
  • Much of Chapter 5, going as far as ignoring the Combatants, altogether.



Resident Evil 4- Incubate