biohazard 4 e-CAPCOM ORIGINAL Preview Sound Clips is a promotional soundtrack distributed exclusively in Japan through the e-CAPCOM online shop prior to the PlayStation 2 release of Resident Evil 4.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Memories 〜biohazard4 MEDLEY〜"   5:09
2. "The Drive 〜autopista mix〜"   3:29

Track information

Track 1, Memories 〜biohazard4 MEDLEY〜, includes elements of the following songs (in order of appearance) that were later released on the biohazard4 Original Soundtrack: End of Umbrella, A Strange Pasture, Ganado I, Echo in the Night, Path to Closure, Back-Up, Noche, First Contact (part of The Drive ~ First Contact on the soundtrack album), and Serenity.

Track 2, The Drive 〜autopista mix〜, is a remix of The Drive (part of The Drive ~ First Contact on the soundtrack album) and can only be found on this release. The term "autopista" is the Spanish word for motorway/expressway.


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