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biohazard DAMNATION (バイオハザード ダムネーション, Baiohazādo damunēshon) is a Japanese novel written by Osamu Makino. A novelization of the 2012 film Resident Evil: Damnation, it is the fourth novelization of an existing Resident Evil work by the author, who previously wrote a two-part adaptation of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and an adaptation of the 2002 Resident Evil film.


In 2011, Eastern Slav Republic government sent its Special Forces unit codenamed Chernobog Squad with the objective of recapturing an old town from the hands of Independent Faction and infiltrate one of their operational headquarter with the building surrounded by several squads. The platoon is ordered to execute every terrorists members in the building regardless of age and gender with three soldiers Orlenin, Lazarev and Sergeyev enter its premise accompanied with burst of gunfire and explosions followed by the remaining five soldiers. Following the squad's infiltration, one of the panicked soldiers warn the others though an earpiece to not get any closer before the communication officer soon lose contact with the other squads. The remaining Chernobog Platoon inspect the building only to come across the gruesome remains of Orlenin, Lazarev and Sergeyev in the hallway and other squads members as they are ripped apart to the point of beyond recognition. As they ascended to the 3rd floor, they come across a young dying soldier with his abdomen torn open and he manages to warn the communication officer of "Monsters" before succumbing to his wounds.

The mention of Monsters appears to validate a long-held rumour that the creatures collaborated with Independent Faction soldiers, with the creatures not easily succumbing to gunshots, toying with victims, and brutally killing them. Faced with such dread, the squad commander tells the others to move on, only for the communication officer to see seemingly indications of life from the young soldier, only for the former to turn into a Zombie and sink his teeth into the communicator officer's throat despite the squad leader's intervention. The squad leader retaliates fire and eviscerate the zombified soldier though his upper half continues to move toward him. Realised that he has run out of magazine, the squad leader flee only to encounter civilians with everyday attires and former government soldiers with red-blooded eyes. An old man emerges from the crowd and orders his Monster to kill the leader, which it does by slashing the man's throat with its talon.

Elsewhere in the country, Leon Scott Kennedy witnessed an battle occurred between the government army and the Independent Faction occurred in the streets of the old town and reflected on how the world he lives in remains a special kind of hell as long as violent conflict exists and contemplates whether he becomes a demon in this hell due to his familiarity with such settings. Ingrid Hunnigan, his FOS support agent, contacts him to inform of US withdrawal and Project Oz cancellation soon after his arrival which irritates him due to receiving no prior information about it. Hunnigan informs Leon of Eastern Slav and United States last-minute severed ties with FOS attaining the information at the last second. The US embassay orders its US Staff and citizens to evacuate the country with Hunnigan offer to guide his way out through a nearby VTOL aircraft. Angered by the use of B.O.W.s and by the US' lack of commitment, Leon goes rogue and disconnect his call with Hunnigan.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Eastern Slav Republic which is situated to the north of the Black Sea becomes one of the nations that formed its independence that are formerly part of its federation. The region enjoys its prosperity from its numerous rivers, which include good fishing waters, healthy soil that allows for abundant harvests, extensive high-quality pasturelands, and natural salts found at river mouths. Igor Mechnikov, a early 20th-century independence fighter and poet had written a poem celebrating its land. The land was seen as a territory to take over from various ethnic groups, among them the Scythians. The groundwork for the present-day East Slavic Republic was established in the 9th century when it was discovered by the Russians hailing from the north. Over the centuries, this land witnessed periods of prosperity and decline, undergoing shifts in rulers as it earned the moniker of Europe's granary, rich in its natural resources. By the late 18th century, it fell under the dominion of two major empires, Russia and Austria.

During World War 1 and Russian Revolution, East Slavic council is formed and proclaimed their independence though it is short lived as the land is soon under the control of the Soviet Union. The individuals that had become pawns of the Oligarchs hoist the banner of Independence Faction and embarked on a guerrilla campaign led by its leader Ivan Judanovich, the head of the Elder Council. The faction argued that under Oligarch's rule would be akin to the days of the Russian Empire and sought to overthrow current government which ignites a civil war between two factions which had used all of the nation's strength. Recognising the risk of falling back under the governance of US or Russia, president Svetlana Belikova proposes a ceasefire to the Independence Faction in which the government promises to not interfere in the territory held by the Faction which had evolved into a stronghold for guerrilla warfare with those that aspired to create a new government and their ideal society retrieved. The peace is short-lived as the government discovered fresh oil within the Faction's land and asserts that the land had been wrongfully claimed by the group and launch an invasion. In 1989, Eastern Slav Republic gained its independence though it did not end all troubles as newly formed Oligarchs began to exert their influence in politics. In turn, the working class and the poor launch widespread riots and protests due to wealth disparity in the nation.

Soon after, President Belikova obtained rapid success in economic policies as a result of her origins hailed from a powerful conglomerate. As unemployment rates dwindled and the economy thrived as well as support from the nation and the affluent class. Consequently, the independence faction found itself increasingly isolated and besieged. Soon after. American intelligence agencies attain information that radical terrorists had employed the use of Bio Organic Weapons. In order to investigate the rumour's validity, Project Oz was initiated with Leon sent under the codenamed Tinman to rendezvous with an CIA agent codenamed Scarecrow.

Leon arrives at the underground parking lot where he is scheduled to meet with Scarecrow. Discovered the CIA agent to be nowhere in sight, Leon explores the area only to come across a heavily injured Scarecrow. Leon discovers the man to be in possession of evidence linking anti-government forces to B.O.W, albeit Scarecrow is unable to respond owing to the severity of his wounds. The man can only utter "Beekeeper" as Leon recalls of noticing a honey transport vehicle with an anthropomorphic character "Hachimitsu Boy" whose company is renowned for the nation's highest honey production. Recognising the existence use of BOW and the newfound clue, Leon attempts to ask the man connections between both but Leon fails to notice the Licker's approach as Scarecrow has his throat torn out. Leon struggles to kill the Licker due to it's agility and resilience and is knocked out by the explosion from an grenade launched from above. Before losing consciousness, Leon sees an old man approaching with the Licker under his control.

Leon is captured and imprisoned in a dimly lit room where he is interrogated by the anti-government forces for information as Leon is perceived to be from CIA. After Alexander Kozachenko and JD remark the Licker, Leon warns them to not attempt control the being though Alexander perceives the remark to be from enemy forces. The old man from before begins to heavily cough with Leon left to JD as Alexander inspect the situation outside. JD questions Leon of the American life and whether it's the same as Hollywood movies that he had seen despite his dislike for the country. Leon's PDA begins to make a noise as he advises to JD that the device be destroyed to prevent tracing. Alexander returns and informs them of the old town sieged and surrounded, Leon takes the opportunity to ask them of what they had did to the old man that allows him the ability to control Lickers with Leon learning the old man's identity to be Ivan Judanovich. JD recognises the danger of moving Judanovich around much to Alexander's irritation, Leon announces his intention of eradicating the world from B.O.W and that they are beyond human control though Alexander does not buy his narrative as he reasons that powerful nations create immense power to dominate other nations though when they had acquired, they are warned to not use it as it is beyond human control. When Leon inquires as to what Ivan had infected himself with, Alexander remains silent. Suddenly, the shelter is visited by other members who warn them of the government forces enclosure, JD stands in front of the door and prevent Alexander from answering with Leon taking the opportunity to free his bonds and tackle JD to the ground.

The other party reveals to be government troops posing as the anti-government forces. At the same time, Ivan begins to convulse and rise as a man with red-blooded eyes. Admist the confusion, Alexander grabs ahold one of the soldier's gun and fires upon them with Leon fights against the rebel forces, JD rushes to Ivan's side and attempts to escort him from the chaotic scene but is shot in the side by a soldier that had sustained wounds in the abdomen, Alexander shoots the man in the head in retaliation. As more men begin to take notice of the rebels in basement, Alexander escort Ivan with JD following suit while Leon escapes from the scene of conflict. The trio take shelter in an underground passage with many passages were constructed by Bogdan Shevchenko, the Cossack elder from the mid-17th century, as a defense against Poland's invasion and existed beneath the old town. JD discovers that he was not injured due to bulletproof vest that he had stolen from Leon and wonders where he had gone to which Alexander surmises that he perished during the shootout. Ivan reverts back to his former self and advises the pair to leave him behind as they cannot jeopardise the plan in storming the Presidential Palace and trusts Alexander to execute the plan should one has become useless, JD hesitates but Alexander pulls his gun and shoots him in the head while advising JD to not look away and truly understand their objective.

Elsewhere in the Presidential Palace where it is originally a palace for the Russian Emperor in the early 20th century, Svetlana has a meeting with her generals who inform her of progress made in capturing and rebel forces underground. Annoyed by the fact of the original plan's derailment by 5 years in which they would have joined the United Nations and become part of European Union to further solidify their independence, Svetlana is worried that those that declare further separatism are beginning to form alliances one after another. During the meeting, the youngest general brings up rumours in which certain units are under President's direct control and have connections to the black market as well as engaging in confidential operations separate from that of military's though it is shut down by an elderly general. After the argument between other generals, Svetlana affirms the goal of declaring independence and gaining recognition through EU membership as it had been the country's long time goal which is met with silence from the generals.

Soon after, a representative agent from Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance is invited to the meeting with the woman being Ada Wong. Ada briefs the generals and is concerned with bioterrorism being present in East Slavic Civil War with the documents detailed examples of the crimes committed and types of bioterrorism which can be broadly divided into three categories. The first involves cultivating pre-existing pathogens for use with the recent crime falling under this category being anthrax terrorism though all pathogenic agents that cause infections can be included in the category. The second involves using natural toxins, including biological poisons from poisonous creatures and toxins from plants, including mold. The third being mainly what the organisation deals with as it pertains to bioweapons with the notorious example being Raccoon City and investigate B.O.W that are made with the t-Virus and its derivatives that emerged from the incident soon after. The t-virus was was initially created for medical purposes by the large American pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Corporation. However, the research shifted towards military objectives and direction of developing bioweapons, the research is still being covertly pursued somewhere in the world long after the corporation's downfall. After Umbrella's scandals have been revealed, the creation, use, and possession of B.O.W.s have been prohibited under international law though they are still traded on black markets worldwide.

B.O.Ws come in various forms but most are fundamentally hard to control as a weapon until Ada introduces Plaga and its ecological nature have allowed technological advancements and applications which have made it possible to artificially establish hierarchical relationships between B.O.W.s and humans. Ada explains Plaga's origins as it was originally researched by Los Iluminados cult with human hosts parasitized by this organism are called 'Ganados' which possessed superhuman strength while maintaining their human intelligence and behavioral patterns to some extent. After Plaga were released into the black market, the parasite underwent genetic testing and mutation, allowing Dominant hosts to control organisms that could previously not be parasitized through the effects of t-virus induced mutations. Hearing reports of similar creatures in East Slavic, Ada asks to investigate old town after the situation has calmed down but Svetlana delays the inspection due to its ongoing chaotic state and plans to arrange a visit once the conflict is quelled to which Ada agrees to the proposal.

Sometime after, Leon follows JD and Alexander from the shadows and comes across Ivan's corpse with Leon recognising that the Ataman had been infected with the Plaga parasite and had been shot by Alexander. Leon pursues from the shadows and comes across a warehouse with a lifeless man driven in the chest with a pickaxe and spots a hidden JD who gestures him to be silent and points the enemy to be behind Leon though he is skeptical of the trick until he is pounced on the floor by a Ganado. Leon gains the upper hand by kicking its knee and impales his head with a hedge trimmer despite JD's protest to not kill the formerly turned Chenkov . The former holds Leon at gunpoint and brand him as a murderer, Leon ducks behind a table as JD shoots at him despite his appeal. Despite Leon's warning, another Ganado arrives behind JD and throws him across the room with Leon attacked by a knife-wielding Ganado. In the midst of battle, JD is hesitant to shoot Yuri who is the Ganado that had attacked him earlier much to Leon's ire. Leon kills the Ganado by slamming its head on the pavement with his hand and frees his restraint with the knife before seeing JD getting strangled by Yuri, Leon manages to save JD by slamming the knife to the Ganado's chest before slicing its neck. Leon scolded him for not using his weapon, and told him to shoot them in the head if he ever decided to use his weapon. JD stopped Leon from leaving and instead pointed him in the correct direction out of the underground area.

On their way out, they came across a steel door which Leon was forced to pry open with a crowbar he grabbed as a weapon. Three more infected came up behind the both of them as JD tried to squeeze through the door, but was unable to because of his size. The creaking noise attract nearby Ganados as they charged at Leon who manages to impale a Ganado in the head with the crowbar. Despite the Ganado's head being reduced to bits, the creature sprout tentacles in place of the head and slowly walk towards him. Deciding that he cannot face it without weapons, Leon dash back at the steel door and cross through the gap. Leon and JD assist in sealing the door with an improvised bolt served as a makeshift latch, and a chain dangled from the door's handle. Leon swiftly secured the chain around the door handle and hooked it onto a wall-mounted fixture. Seemingly pleased with their escape, JD found a ladder to the surface that he and Leon use.

On the surface, JD guides Leon to a nearby church with the deserted cobblestone streets are eerily deserted. Along the way, they come across government soldiers running away from hordes of ganado with one of the soldiers tripped and fall behind. Driven by the urge to aid, JD was restrained by Leon's grip who is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Ganados. The pair watched in horror as the soldier was held down by the civilians and a Plaga was expelled from one and forced down the soldier's throat which turns him to a Ganado. Continuing along the way, they arrived at a a Greek Orthodox church renowned for its solemn liturgy, dating back to the early 11th century. It had faced destruction during Stalin's rule but now stood as a symbol of recovery and resilience. JD struggles to process of recent events and confused about what happened to the people of his country, JD inquires Leon about Plaga with his knowledge only limited to its usage and consequences of using one to which Leon explains its ability and the people parasitized by it are beyond help. JD tried to find some hope that the townspeople can be reverted but Leon affirms that the only way to save them is to sever the spinal cord before fully turned. He accused Leon of lying, but Leon rationalised asking why they killed Ataman if he did not believe that.

Shortly after, Alexander and a few insurgent forces enter the church and confirm what Leon said and putting to rest JD's doubts. They affirm their belief of taking back the nation from Oligarchs no matter the cost. Leon warns Alexander that insurgent forces will destroy the country by using Plaga, but the latter believes that the mayhem can be contained by dominant infected individuals. Seeing that he holds many information, Alexander knocks out Leon with his gun.

At night, Alexander watches the shambling ganado. JD arrives and questioned their next move, he remarked that he intended to go obtain "it," a sample of the Dominant species Plaga left for them by the Elders. Although JD tried to reason with him and explain the possible consequences, Buddy cared only for the future of the country, the resistance and to carry on the Ataman's will though JD questions if that's what his wife Irina would want. After bonding over and reminiscing their times through Mechnikov's poem, he informed JD before leaving that he would meet up with the rest of the resistance in the morning to plan their attack on the presidential palace. Feeling lost and worried for his friend, JD head to Leon's imprisoned location and smuggles him out of the church without resistance.

In the backyard, JD cuts Leon's ties but the latter holds him hostage at knife point. When Leon criticised their methods of controlling B.O.W.s, JD explains that they are not a ruthless terrorist group and were just working class citizens fighting every day against poverty with children around the age of 5 and 6 are forced to work in order to earn money less they ended up in a prison-like facility or died of hunger. Back then, JD was forced to steal from others in order to survive but is saved by Alexander who had used his intelligence to go to college with the Elder Council's financial aid. At the time, the working class begin to protest against the government but the conflict slowly escalated to innocent citizens killed by soldiers who was supposed to be the country's protectors, crushed by tanks as well as murdered by fellow civilians. Leon express sympathy for their cause but affirms his belief of the conflict's resolve without the use of BOWs. As Leon prepared to leave, JD pleaded with Leon to save Buddy before he could use the Plaga, not wanting to his friend turned into a monster. He told Leon about their childhood friend and Buddy's fiancé, Irina, and the event that caused Buddy to join the resistance in which a elementary school was bombed by the government troops which had been mistaken as a rebel hideout though a nearby abandoned factory had been used for strategy meetings. The bombing had taken the lives of Irina and several school children in the process. Persuaded, JD requested that in exchange for saying that Leon escaped, that Leon must find the Plaga and get to it before Buddy did. JD gave Leon his weapon back and told Leon the Plaga's location in Central Market. As Leon left, JD retrieved his knife as an infected Ganado shambled behind him.

In the underground parking lot, Leon arrives only to find an empty metal case with no signs of Dominant Plaga and runs into Ada who only revealed her intentions of helping the rebels attack the presidential palace to make her job easier. Unable to inform him more of her mission, all she could do was warn him to avoid returning to the same area as she understood it was to be destroyed in an air-bombing. Failing his objective, Leon rush back to the church while piecing together facts and had come to the conclusion that someone had been supplying Dominant Plaga species to the insurgent forces and spreading B.O.W.s into the city with Ada's presence confirmed the dominant species existence developed in the country and the Beekeeper had been the one to supply the separatist the Plaga strain. At the church, Leon spots a increasing number of Ganados that had congregated around the area and enters from the church's spires. Inside, Leon discovers the remaining insurgents had been parasitized by Ganados and meets JD who is nearly turned, Leon informs JD that he had failed to stop Alexander from acquiring the Plaga. JD relinquishes his bulletproof vest to Leon with Alexander appearing shortly afterwards. As JD began to show signs of infection, Buddy immediately suspected Leon of being behind it. JD tried to explain that Leon had nothing to do with it and urged the pair to leave him behind. Alexander could only watch, however, as his friend was overcome by the infection and attacked him. Anticipated the attack, Alexander shoots JD in the head. Leon implores him to not use B.O.W.s in the war and not infect himself with the Plaga. However, he calmly explained to Leon that he believed that using B.O.W.s was no different from using any weapon such as a gun. He requested that Leon put his gun down to keep the tragedy from happening again, though Leon affirms on his answer. As the bombing commence, Leon attempts to pursue but is stopped from falling debris before forced to flee from the area.

Elsewhere, Svetlana's secretary informs her that B.O.Ws extermination plan is going as planned. Additionally, he informs her that no BSAA staff goes by Ada Wong, Svetlana intends to interrogate her in the meeting on the suspicion that she is an agent for Russians or Americans. In the meeting, Svetlana knows that Wong was not at her hotel interrogates her whereabouts in the previous night. Refusing to answer any question, Ada engages with Svetlana but the two deflected from each other's attacks with the fight reach a stalemate. After the fight, the secretary receives a call and informs Svetlana that the insurgent forces have breached the central gate. Briefly distracted by the news, Ada rushes to the front only for the armour panels to shut around the room and she realises that Belikova's office was turned into a saferoom and descends down below. Svetlana holds Ada at gunpoint with her secretary inject her with sedatives, Svetlana advises her to cooperate as it is in her best interest before Ada loses consciousness.

In front of the Presidential Palace, Leon arrives to find the grisly sight with independence fighters, government soldiers as well as Lickers laid dead on the ground. Leon struggles to shake off of Alexander's notion that B.O.Ws and guns are just tools to use for his agenda and wonders if he had lost his humanity during the fight. Moving forward to the Palace, he is faced with two Lickers that were moving above the ceiling. As Leon passed by, his leg is gripped by a severely wounded government soldier who inadvertently alerts Lickers to his location. Despite his plea, the soldier succumbs to his wounds soon after and Leon is chased by Lickers, he stumbles to the office room only to discover that the room itself had descended down below. Using the environment to his advantage, Leon hung onto to the doorknob and watches as the two lickers could not halt their momentum and tumble down below. Shortly after, Leon reaches below by climbing down the maintenance ladder and enters the warehouse through the office door.

Exploring the warehouse, Leon comes across an unconscious Ada whose hands is tied to a crane's hook. The pair are reunited and Ada manages to cut herself from her bonds by using her heel which conceals a knife. Ada guides Leon around the warehouse where they come across Plaga cultivation center in which Plaga is kept in a hexagonal contain similar to a beehive. Ada explains that they had successfully cultivated dominant strains few times in the past and learns that this facility had also managed to cultivated dominant strains of the Plaga. The pair are interrupted by Svetlana who arrives with her secretary and soldiers donned in special forces gears, Svetlana realises her true objective was to infiltrate the facility, Ada warns Leon to be wary of Svetlana before she shuts down all the lights, leaving only red emergency lights. Leon quickly fires upon the group and flees to Svetlana's location where he holds her hostage with a gun to her back as the light switches back on. Leon confronts her regarding her role as the Beekeeper and the one that had unleashed the Plaga onto the country though she taunts him as an American like him will not understand the length she will go to protect the nation and its people. Svetlana breaks free of Leon's grasp and orders her men to kill Leon as he is an enemy to the country. The soldiers fires at Leon who takes cover behind the container but is interrupted they are informed that Lickers have breach the entrance and are heading towards them.

A group of soldiers head to the descending elevator where a Licker lunges at them but is brought down by hail of bullets fired by soldiers, the captain of the group approaches the Licker only for it to lunge at him but he leaps backwards and kills it. Thinking the threat was neutralized, the captain approach the elevator only to be pounced by hordes of Lickers occupying the elevator's ceiling. The soldiers fight against the onslaught Lickers. Amidst the chaos, Leon spots Alexander who is giving command to his army. When questioned by Leon if he had already used the Plaga, Alexander only coldly commanded a Licker to attack Leon. The former is pinned by the Licker but Leon parries its attack and shoots multiple rounds onto its head. When he looked back again, Alexander had disappeared, Leon whispers his sorry to JD that he did not stop Alexander from using the Plaga and contemplates suicide but holds off because of his promise to JD and memories of people that had sacrificed themselves for a better future.

As he progressed, Leon spots hordes of Lickers congregated around Alexander who is facing against Svetlana and her secretary with the last remaining special forces separates between the two. Alexander commands his Lickers to attack against the forces who are slaughtered immediately. Svetlana and her secretary are protected by a reinforced glass with Alexander trying to brute force his way inside though his efforts were futile. Svetlana questions Alexander of the aftermath after her death but Alexander dismissed any attempts of convincing her as he views her as a hypocrite leading the country to ruin, Svetlana reveals that she had all the elders beside Judanovich in her pocket as she had proposed to distribute oil profits, resulting in the independent movement retracting their claim. Hearing this, Alexander shuts down as he contemplates the reason to keep fighting and living until he hears a voice from his student Makar who he had taught in school. Alexander recalls the moment that the school was bombed by government forces with Alexander trampled in the rubble for two days, forcing him to see Makar and other children slowly rotting away. A week later after he was brought to the hospital, Alexander recognises the full extend of the incident as well as learning that his wife Irina had been crushed next to him. Overcome with anger, Alexander angrily confronts Svetlana who had taken everything from him.

Svetlana orders the release of the Tyrant's release from the cylinders, the Tyrant spot sunglasses and a hat with imposing statures that distinguishes itself from previous Tyrant that he had encountered. Svetlana and her secretary retreats back into the elevator and escape with Alexander and Leon left to deal with the creatures. Alexander commands a group of Lickers to attack the figure though it easily kills them and sets its sight on Alexander, Leon urges him to escape from the creature. The pair runs from the creature as they are relentlessly pursued by two Tyrants, Leon manages to slow his pursuing Tyrant with hydrogen canisters acting as explosives and Alexander's with Lickers. Leon extends his help to Alexander and the pair heads toward the elevator and lift its shutters but struggles with Leon theorising that unless they can hack centralized control system, they will not get it open. Much to their amazement, the shutters begin to open and the pair board the elevator. Alexander tries to close with Leon providing cover fire for the pair with the shutters in the process of closing in an excruciatingly slow pace. As the shutter about to close, a Tyrant is about to squeeze his arm through the narrow gap until it is slammed away by a Licker. As the lift moves up, Leon suspects that Ada had provided them an escape, the elevator is suddenly halt as a Tyrant forcibly pry through the narrow gap, Leon directs Alexander to head for the ceiling and the pair escape through the maintenance hatch. Leon witness as two Tyrants made their way inside until the cable supporting the elevator snaps, sending them back below with Alexander leaps to the ladder just in time.

Elsewhere, Svetlana and her secretary traverse to their new office by taking an underground passage from the underground warehouse. In her new office, Svetlana oversee a broadcast warning the citizens to evacuate the presidential palace and relocate to a safe location that is within five kilometers from the premises. Svetlana recounts her encounter of meeting the woman who will read the transcript, the woman was born from an affluent family and secured her administration through her father's diplomatic connections and had hoped for a future of happiness with her family. Despite Svetlana's ruthlessness and her questionable methods, she had hoped and fight for a future where the younger generation would lead their lives with peace and prosperity. Outside, she oversee the presidential palace being destroyed which would erase any evidence of Beehive and her role in unleashing the Plaga. As she changes her outfit, Svetlana reminiscent her childhood times with her father who was sent to Siberia and did not return and later learned of his death through a document. During her time in the Soviet Union, Svetlana became invovled in anti-government activities thanks to her father's influence as a political activist with her actions carried the weight of seeking vengeance against the country that had taken her father. Sometime after, Svetlana is accused of espionage by the KGB and is subjected to torture in which it resolves in burning scar marks on her back. Svetlana considers her days ruled by the Soviet Union akin to slavery, Svetlana seeks for her country's independence.

Shortly after, Svetlana's secretary informs her of Leon and Alexander's escape from the facility much to her ire as she ordered him to find ways in disposing them. Just before her secretary departs, Svetlana express her joy in achieving the country's independence through poem from Mechnikov to her secretary in regards to the country's prosperity and happiness within. Afterwards, they prepare for the upcoming broadcast meeting.

Outside the Presidential Palace, the independent fighters realised that the fight was futile and faced it with no hope for victory. Alexander realises that the people in war were all victims with soldiers dying gruesome and meaningless deaths. Additionally, he realises that the independent fighters had also released the monsters in devastating the country and expressed regrets in not being able to save lives that were sacrificed to defeat a greater evil. Alexander attempts to face the Tyrants alone but Leon holds him back and tells him that they aren't the type of enemy that can be faced alone, Leon explains his plan to Alexander and the both break off to enact it. Leon navigates the alleyways and buildings to evade the Tyrant as it plows through walls in its pursuit. Leon lures the Tyrant to Alexander who commands hordes of Lickers to attack against the pursuers, the Lickers form tactics in taking the the beast down as they rendered it immobilise by wrapping its tongue around its arms and legs before two Lickers striking it in front and back of the creature. The Tyrant use its strength and breaks free of its confinement before it pursues the surviving Lickers and kills it. Using Alexander's distraction, Leon fires upon the Tyrant and the tank trucks which envelops it in a massive explosion. Severely weakened by smoke, Alexander confronts the being while Leon heads towards the overturned military truck and discovers an RPG with two spare warheads, the Tyrant's power limiter is soon burned away by the explosion and it soon mutates to Super Tyrant. The creature rushes towards Alexander who stalls the creature with Lickers before Leon fires on it but misses as it narrowly grazed the Tyrant and impacted a building. Leon fires another but is perplexed when it catches the missile and hurls back at Leon who is injured as the missile hits a truck behind him. The Tyrant snatches Leon with a tight grip and seriously injures him as it hurls him against the wall before grabbing and injures him in a similar manner. Leon is nearly killed by the Tyrant but is intervened by Alexander who commands the remaining Lickers to attack head first, causing it to lose its grip on Leon. A severely injured Leon witnessed Alexander who charges the BMP-3 tank towards the creature, Leon rushes to man the turret and attempts to shoot the Tyrant's head, but the B.O.W evaded their first attack and constantly dodge their turret. As the tank threatened to tip over and the pair are trapped in an unescapable situation, Alexander summons the last Licker to cover the Tyrant's face, allowing Leon to blow its head off. Climbing out of the tank, Kennedy remarked that after years of fighting B.O.W.s, he never expected to be saved by one. Leon joked about them going to grab a few beers, and Alexander remarked only if he was buying. The moment of relief was short-lived as the two Tyrants from before returned and marched towards them, Leon attempted to help him flee but they were unable to outrun them. Alexander asked him why he wouldn't just go on only for Leon to wonder the question himself. To their luck, an A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft flown by and injures the creatures with burst of gunfire before they could reach them before killed with high explosive armour-piercing warheads.

Alexander and Leon realise that U.S. and Russian government had been watching their movement the entire time. The former recounts Mechnikov's poem and a folklore story about King of Bee Killers in which he akin to the independent fighters to worker bees and how they are willing to sacrificed to help the others, Alexander questions Leon why he had willing to save him only for Leon to coldly answer that he only saved him as a witness to the civil war. Beginning to feel more overwhelmed by how events transpired and where he was currently, Buddy became hopeless. He showed great regret at having lost his mentor, Ataman, and his friends, Alexander begs him to kill him before turning into a monster. When Leon was unresponsive, Alexander drew his own pistol and placed the barrel under his throat, prepared to take his own life but could not muster the strength. Leon grabs the gun from him and shows him empathy but tells him that he owes it to the people who died to continue living even if it means being paralyzed for the rest of his life, Leon press an emergency distress signal, confident that someone would response for his recovery. Leon directs and supports Alexander who tells him that it is the answer for them both before Leon pulls the trigger.

In the recording room, Svetlana and her secretary prepare a speech to announce the end of civil war and blame the B.O.Ws usage and release to the insurgent forces and affirm their independence and ready to join international community. During recital, Svetlana requests that the Elder Council's contributions to a peaceful resolution but the insurgents executed the elders as traitors. The secretary informs her that Ada Wong was reported to the BSAA and Interpol with an international warrant process is underway as well as few members of insurgents escape though he remarks that they are no cause for concern. After assuming that all obstacles were removed, Svetlana decides to hold a press conference. During the press conference, the secretary is informed that Russians and US have launched an invasion towards Eastern Slav much to her shock. The secretary asks the remaining occupants to leave to give her time to comprehend the news, and Svetlana begs the secretary to leave as well, with no objections from the latter. After witnessing the joint nations ongoing invasion, Svetlana contemplates suicide by placing a gun under her chin but the secretary enters the room much to her ire. He relives her of the weapon and tells her that his brother, one of the soldier in Chernobog Platoon, was willing to die for the country and how he and his brother believed in her to put their lives for the country. The secretary tells her that people that have lost their homeland understand her actions and their people have unable to claim the land as their own and just let themselves to be tossed around by other nations, he asks her which crimes they have committed to be driven out of their homes. His statement left her in awe as she understands that the people of Eastern Slav had experienced the pain of displacement during Soviet Union days, the secretary affirms that the patriots will be grateful to the president that tries to reclaim their homeland and assures her that there is still a future for their people. The conversation ends when there is a knock at the door.

Three days later, Leon is extracted to Poland, where he is staying in a hotel and learning about the Eastern Slavic Civil War, which has ended with the intervention of both American and Russian military forces, leaving the capital city in ruins, and overseas journalists and news stations are now permitted to enter the capital. Hunnigan calls Leon to inform him that both nation will play central roles in establishing an interim government established to ensure peace and stability within the country, Svetlana Belikova resigns from her position and mysteriously vanishes before the order to leave the country is issued, with the US and Russia on the hunt for the former president. In Old Town of Holigrad which is under strict military control, Russian troops marched in with former government soldiers rounded up to be prosecuted. In the conference room, US and Russia shake hands in cooperation with major American and Russian corporations invest in Holigrad's reconstruction. As to ensure stability of the Republic's government, there will be cooperation between US and EU in providing political support. Leon is disgusted by the political show as he knows that the U.S. government had been watching him the whole time and used him despite having a feeling top brass know there were BOWs on site though Hunnigan answers that the President and FOS have no idea on their existence then much to Leon's skepticism. Hunnigan informs Leon that there were reports of BOWs usage in the later stages of the civil war though the facts were left unconfirmed and the given information were dubious. In additon, Hunnigan informs Leon that there is a well-known Eastern European defense contractor called Yakovlev Security within the conglomerate owned by Svetlana but FOS have limited knowledge on their involvement as well as it is harder to track BOWs sellers circulating in black market. Additionally, Leon suspects that Scarecrow had known Svetlana being the mastermind in releasing BOW which causes US to hastily withdrawn from the country and allied with Russians in an effort to protect themselves. Leon inquires about Ada, to which Hunnigan responds that the international warrant was revoked shortly after, and the identity as to who authorized it remains unknown. Hunnigan updates Leon about Alexander who had his spinal cord shattered though sustain no other fatal injuries. Shortly after, he was hospitalised and the BSAA conduct infection checks on him to which they found traces of Plaga parasitisation were identified in his body, but the Plaga itself was eliminated. After updated with ongoing situations, Leon disconnects his call with Hunnigan and leaves the hotel.

A year after Civil War, the interim government formed by the remnants of the old regime establishes some semblances of order amidst the chaos. The school was rebuilt after it was destroyed by the former government, with US and bureaucrats mainly contributes to its reconstruction due to their belief that education was the key to rebuilding the country. Alexander converses with children as they happily ran by a cobbled street as he wheeled himself along in a wheelchair, with JD's flask which Leon gave to him still on his person.

Differences from the Movie[]