UMF-013 - Arklay Laboratory System Control

U.M.F.-013 Computer showing "BIOHAZARD LV4" seen by Albert Wesker During the Mansion Incident in Rebirth.

Not much is known about this Umbrella Biohazard contamination level.

There are three known occurrences, one being in the Arklay Laboratory during the Mansion Incident in 1998.[1]

Another one happened at the Umbrella Caucasus facility where over 90% of the research staff were "eliminated" (either infected from virus or killed at some point). In the Primary Contamination Zone, the survival rate was under 2%.

A "BL-4" contamination alarm went off in the Tricell facility underneath the ruins of the ancient Ndipaya Kingdom, BL-4 likely meant "Biohazard Level 4."



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