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Bioterrorism was an intentional release of a virus or other pathogen with malicious intent for it to proliferate, infect and kill any given number of people for it's qualities to inspire or provoke fear in a population to exert leverage or control or to create a political or ideological statement which to express beliefs and impress them upon others.

Incidents of bioterrorism

A map displaying locations of bioterorist plots or attacks.

Following the Raccoon City Destruction Incident and the lead-up to and following the 2003 fall of Umbrella, the corporation's stockpile of biological weapons was released to the black market by a number of sources including the former employees, researchers and executives. As a result, the bioterror events bloomed all over the world with a total victim rate of over one million people by 2005. By this time, General Miguel Grandé, the junta-leader of the Republic of Bajirib became the "spokesperson" of bioterrorism, organizing a business deal with Frederic Downing to purchase the samples of both the "t" and "G" viruses and their respective cures for use as weapons. Though this event was eventually quelled by Leon S. Kennedy; Angela Miller and Claire Redfield, a large number of victims suffered including the patrons of the Harvardville Airport as well as several Special Forces members and many WP Corporation employees. Four years later, the inhabitants of the KAZ experienced a bioterror incident that culminated in the destruction of the populous and the death of Albert Wesker, a key figure in bioterrorism worldwide. In 2011, Spencer's legacy in the form of Alex Wesker conducted illegal virus research and development somewhere near Russia, but was stopped by Claire Redfield and Barry Burton. In 2013, Neo Umbrella leaked the C-Virus around the world in a series of attacks. Roughly 3 years after the Global Bioterror attacks, Glenn Arias unleashed the A-Virus in various areas in North America in a series of bioterror attacks to exact revenge for the death of his wife.

List of bioterror incidents

Note that an "incident" is not synonymous with an "attack", and may instead mean that a terrorist organization was arrested before the plot could be carried out.

North America - At least five incidents took place by 2005 in the United States after the Raccoon City Incident - one in Alaska; two on the West Coast; one on the east and the Harvardville Airport outbreak. Another two incidents took place in Canada and Mexico. There was also a planned bioterrorist attack on the United States by the Plaga-worshipping cult Los Iluminados by kidnapping the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, injecting her with a Queen Plaga and releasing her to the United States. Then, in 2013, another bioterror event occurred in Tall Oaks leading to the deaths of over 70,000 people including President Adam Benford. Roughly three years later, Glenn Arias unleashed the A-Virus in New York City in retalation of the drone strike during his wedding that killed his wife.

South America - By 2002, there was an incident in southern Brazil done by Javier Hidalgo and in the north of the continent (Perhaps Ecuador).

Eurasia - This continent was notable for it's bioterror incidents. By 2005, there are incidents in the United Kingdom; Norway and the Mediterranean in Europe. Russia suffered from a further three. A bioterrorist attack by the organization, "Il Veltro" occurred on the island of Terragrigia in 2004. In the Middle East, there was an incident near the Sinai. In Southern and Eastern Asia, there was an incident near the Iranian/Pakistani border; one by Downing in India; two in China; one in Japan; one in Malaysia and a final incident in Indochina. In 2013, there was a third incident in China. In the year 2012 during the Edonian Civil War, the C-Virus was given to the members of the Edonian Liberation Army and resulted in an outbreak of the virus. Some time before and after Resident Evil 6, a bioterrorist attack occurred in a Middle East country which involved the Napads. Another bioterror attack occurred somewhere in Singapore in an isolated school named Marhawa School with a Lepotica being used to infect the entire academy.

Oceania - Two incidents occurred in Australia and a third took place in New Zealand.

Africa - South; Central and Southern Africa are involved in bioterrorist incidents in 2005. Also in 2009, the Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident occurred and the B.S.A.A was sent there to suppress the outbreak.

Unknown - An incident lasting over a year happened in the nearly uncharted Sejm Island.

Known bioterror agents

  • A-Virus - A mutagenic virus that could tell from friend or foe developed by Glenn Arias and the remnants of Los Iluminados.
  • C-Virus - A mutagen developed by merging "G" with the t-Veronica Virus which was known for it's arthropod origins. Created by Carla Radames.
  • "G" - A mutagenic virus initially found in the body of Lisa Trevor. It caused numerous mutations in the body to guarantee survival from any injury. Created by William Birkin.
  • "t" - A mutagen developed in the 1970s after a sample of Progenitor Virus mutated upon contact with leech DNA. Created by James Marcus.
  • t-Abyss virus - A mutagenic weapon created by merging "t" with another virus known as "The Abyss". It was used in marine B.O.W.s in 2005.
  • t-Phobos virus - A mutagen that only triggered when the subject experienced fear. Created by Alex Wesker.
  • Plaga Type 2 - A genetically-modified parasite designed by TRICELL Africa, Inc. in 2008 and tested in Kijuju.
  • Plaga Type 3 - Another genetically-modified parasite tested in Kijuju by TRICELL.

Known bioterrorist organizations

    • After purchasing WP Corporation, TRICELL helped funding Albert Wesker in exchange for the viral samples for experimentation.
  • Los Iluminados
    • They are a neopagan cult based in Spain that are responsible for the development, production and spread of Las Plagas around the world.
  • Neo Umbrella
    • A product of The Family that went rogue. This group was responsible for the spread of the C-Virus throughout Edonia and China, led by Carla Radames.

Known bioterrorists

  • Albert Wesker
    • With his hands in the involvement of many events from the Mansion Incident to the fall of Umbrella Corporation, Wesker eventually sought support from TRICELL. With their help, Wesker brought about the infection of the people of Kijuju and attempted to spread Uroboros worldwide in the hopes of ruling over everyone and everything.
  • Alexia Ashford
    • Creator of the t-Veronica virus. Alexia experimented on her father and herself with it. She was brought back by her brother, Alfred after 15 years in cryostasis. With full control of the virus, she intended to spread it throughout the world and rule as it's queen.
  • Miguel Grandé
    • Grandé was the president of the Republic of Bajirib. He was an avid supporter of bioterrorism and was a potential buyer for the t-Virus and G-Virus for Frederic Downing.
  • Morgan Lansdale
    • As the founder of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, Lansdale provided the samples of the T-Abyss to Jack Norman and his group, Il Veltro which led to the Terragrigia Panic. He employed the use of B.O.W.s to try and eliminate the living evidence of his crimes and betrayed Norman and Il Veltro.
  • Excella Gionne
    • With a deep infatuation with Albert Wesker, Excella eventually sought a CEO position with TRICELL who was funding Wesker. She personally helped Wesker create an army of Majini. Excella was also personally responsible for administering the PG67A/W serum for Wesker until she was betrayed.
  • Alex Wesker
    • Former Umbrella researcher. She betrayed her "father", Oswell E. Spencer and appropriated funds and resources for her own experiments in immortality and fear using the t-Phobos Virus. Alex enlisted the help from Neil Fisher to determine the perfect candidate which she would transfer her memories and be "reborn". In the end, her mutated form was killed by Barry Burton and Claire Redfield, but she lived on in some capacity in Natalia Korda.
  • Carla Radames
    • After being forcibly experimented on with her own creation, the C-Virus, Carla spread the virus through the Marhawa School in Singapore as well as Edonia, Eastern Europe and Lanshiang, China. She created a B.O.W. known as HAOS that would be able to disperse her C-Virus worldwide in an alarming rate. Carla's ultimate goal was to throw the world into complete chaos and anarchy where she would proclaim herself as the queen of the new world.
  • Derek C. Simmons
    • Head of The Family. Simmons sanctioned not only the destruction of Raccoon City to hide the evidence of the U.S. Government's involvement with Umbrella, but also spread the C-Virus in Tall Oaks to prevent U.S. President Adam Benford from revealing the truth. In the end, Simmons was betrayed by his very own "Ada Wong".
  • Glenn Arias
    • A black market bioweapon salesman who salvaged what was left of TRICELL and Neo Umbrella and the creator of the A-Virus with the help of what was left of Osmund Saddler's Los Iluminados cult. Arias unleashed the virus on various areas in North America in a series of bioterror attacks including, but not limited to the Querétaro mansion, the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology and New York City to get revenge for the death of his wife, Sarah. In the end, his mutated form was killed by the combined efforts of the Silver Dagger unit, Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield.

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