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BSAA crest (2005).

The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) is an international counter-terrorism organisation sanctioned by the United Nations. It was formed during the War on Terror as a means of more readily combating the rising use of biological weaponry since the collapse of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. Originally founded by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies as a private paramilitary agency, the UN allowed its continued private funding as late as 2009, understanding that footing the bill on terrorism-affected countries was counterproductive.[1]


Early years

The original BSAA Headquarters (BSAA本部 BSAA honbu?)[2]

The BSAA was formed soon after the collapse of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals after it was bankrupted by the Raccoon Trials verdict. The company was a major developer of biological weaponry running against the 1972 Bioweapons Convention and its chief sponsor, the United States turned against it following the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. In its final years, Umbrella personnel began selling prototype bio-weapons to criminal syndicates and terrorist groups,[3][4] largely from a facility in the Caucasus which was shut down in February 2003.[5] Having been implicated in the manufacture of Umbrella's bio-weapons, the Federation's founding of the BSAA was effectively a PR stunt. Some degree of negotiation was made with the government of the United Kingdom, allowing it to set its global headquarters up there, located outside an airport or airbase for rapid deployment.[1]

The early BSAA had no actual powers and although it started from eleven members with experience in fighting bio-terrorists, it was generally acknowledged as an NGO with observer status and required permission from the host country to assist.[1] Under the leadership of Clive R. O'Brian, the BSAA saw sizable increase from its original eleven-person strength. In 2004, the BSAA participated in the Terragrigia Panic where a radicalized fraternal group, Il Veltro attacked the Mediterranean city with Hunter B.O.W.s. Due to certain constitutional quirks, the defense of the city from bio-terrorism was limited only under the jurisdiction of the United States which established the Federal Bioterrorism Commission as a counter bio-terrorist organisation. With the US unwilling to allow the BSAA anything over than observer status, the BSAA could do nothing to prevent the collapse of the FBC's mission and their abandonment in favor of destroying the city.[6]

In the following year, the BSAA and FBC were caught between conspiracies and counter-conspiracies masterminded by their leaders with moles planted in each group. O'Brian's mole had suspicions that the FBC commissioner, Morgan Lansdale was involved in the attack and became aware about an FBC mission to the Queen Zenobia, a ship used in the Terragrigia Panic by Il Veltro which disappeared after the attack. O'Brian illegally armed a terrorist group active in Finland as a means of distracting the FBC while another team infiltrated the ship. On the following day, the FBC got word about the conspiracy and a team was sent to the UK to arrest the entire organisation for supporting Il Veltro which the Finish terrorist cell pledged loyalty and membership to. The situation was soon-after reversed when footage of Lansdale negotiating the sale of t-Abyss and B.O.W.s to Il Veltro's leader, Jack Norman was transmitted back to HQ from two agents still out in the field.[7] In the aftermath of this event, Lansdale himself was imprisoned and the FBC closed in disgrace. O'Brian himself was forced to resign to save the BSAA.[7]

UN status

By late 2005, the BSAA was taken over by the United Nations. Having realized the serious flaw in nations refusing any assistance in countering bio-terrorism, its UN-sanctioned status presented the BSAA with powers to engage with terrorists and detain them in any country around the world[4] and the control of the BSAA was itself divided between regional commands to better suit the logistics required for a worldwide force.[1]

Although all UN member states were required to allow BSAA intervention, member states were given the freedom to offer restrictions on how much that it could do on their soil with roughly 30% of member states opting for restrictions.[1] The United States was one such country and consequently, the BSAA rarely participated directly in counter-terrorism matters there.[4] In the aftermath of the FBC's closure, bio-terrorism interdiction matters in the US were handled by both the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment and the Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)'s Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team, replaced with the Division of Security Operations in 2011. During the 2005 Harvardville bio-terror attacks, the elements of the Rangers and USSTRATCOM took part in eliminating the biohazard with the BSAA not being requested help though made aware about the situation.[4] Earlier that same year, however, the BSAA took part to a limited degree during the outbreak in St. Cloud, Minnesota.[8]

In mid-2006, the BSAA became aware about the location of Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, Earl Spencer. Dr. Lord Spencer was the CEO of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and was a party to a global manhunt by the US and Russian authorities since 2003. The BSAA sent Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in to the Spencer Estate to make the arrest, believing that his interrogation could offer help in the BSAA's own international search for Dr. Albert Wesker, a former Umbrella USA virologist. The two discovered that Dr. Wesker also entered the premises with the intention of interrogating and killing Dr. Lord Spencer and they arrived too late to stop it. In the ensuing fight, Valentine was able to throw herself and Dr. Wesker out of a window and down a cliff. A search was conducted along the coast for the two, but after three months, it was called off and Valentine and Dr. Wesker were declared dead in absentia. Though the BSAA lost one of its "Original Eleven" founders, it continued to expand.

Kijuju deployment (2009)

One of the most significant deployments in the BSAA's history was its mission to the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. The region fell victim to a civil war which wrecked the West African country's economy. This depression peaked the interest of Tricell Inc., Africa which was secretly working on illegal bio-weapons research despite its parent company being a major financier of the BSAA. A local agent named Reynard Fisher began reporting his suspicions of Plaga-based bio-weapons activity in the city of Kijuju in early 2009, occurring simultaneously with an upsurge in violence conducted by Kijujuan Islamist dissidents against foreigners. A photograph was taken of an American man engaging in an apparent business transaction with the local soldiers. Further research determined this man to be Ricardo Irving, the director of Tricell's oil field and a suspected bio-weapons black marketeer.[9] The West African Branch found the circumstantial evidence to be insufficient to warrant a major operation, lacking confirmed existence of a Plaga being in Kijuju, an explanation for discrepancies between Fisher's reports on them and the Kennedy Report from 2004 and proof of Irving being involved in bio-weaponry. Taking his report to Redfield whose level 10 security access gave him international presence and authority, the West African Branch was able to secure additional data which was sufficient to begin a major operation.[10]

During preparation, it was discovered that a spy affiliated with Irving had access to the BSAA email server, though the West African HQ continued on with the mission nonetheless. The SOU "Alpha Team" was sent into the city via Gambit to confront Irving during a planned bio-weapons deal at a warehouse, but instead ran into a B.O.W. planted there by Irving and was wiped out, though they succeeded in obtaining data from a Tricell computer server. The SOA "Bravo Team", consisting of Redfield and Sheva Alomar continued on the hunt for Irving to a quarry while the SOU "Delta Team" took over in eliminating the Majini activity in the city. Delta Team was itself eliminated by the Ndesu, a B.O.W. which was to be purchased by one of Irving's customers before the BSAA intervention with the sole survivor being Cpt. Josh Stone who made his way to the marshlands ahead of Bravo Team after the information linked Irving to the oil field near it during his escape from the quarry.

During the night, the West African HQ ordered a withdrawal from Kijuju, having totally underestimated the scale of the Majini uprising. A team was sent in to the marshlands to search for Cpt. Stone, but was wiped out by Ndipaya tribesmen. Bravo Team and Cpt. Stone continued on past the oil fields and successfully killed Irving after he was mutated by a Dominant subspecies Plaga. Receiving new information during his death, they carried on into a cave leading to a massive cavern with Cpt. Stone turning back to contact the BSAA and insist on a reversal of the withdrawal order. Bravo Team soon after discovered Tricell's involvement in bio-weapons within the cavern over a former Umbrella facility. The facility, led by Tricell Inc., Africa's CEO, Excella Gionne was part of an operation to fund research for the Uroboros Project, a doomsday project ultimately led by Dr. Albert Wesker who survived the plunge into the ocean. Funding for this project was procured through the additional development and sale of B.O.W.s, using Irving as the go-between as it was well understood that the BSAA would fail to consider Tricell's involvement if Irving was attached to its oil field industry and not it's pharmaceuticals.

In the third day of the operation, it was discovered that Jill Valentine also survived and became a Tricell agent due to repeated injections with P30, a performance-enhancing drug which was known to render the user open to suggestion. While Bravo Team carried on to chase Dr. Wesker and Gionne to a Tricell cargo ship that the Uroboros Project was to begin from, Valentine was recovered by Cpt. Stone and were rescued by a BSAA helicopter during their counter offensive. On the ship, Gionne was deliberately infected with Uroboros by Dr. Wesker and transformed into a powerful monster which caused significant damage to the ship, risking its sinking. Bravo Team chased Dr. Wesker onto an assault bomber and forced it to crash into a volcano where Dr. Wesker was finally killed and the two agents were picked up by Cpt. Stone's helicopter.

In the aftermath of the incident, Tricell's association with bio-weapons was made public and the company soon after collapsed with Tricell Inc. Africa's headquarters being attacked by terrorists and its staff infected with a t-Virus strain. While Dr. Wesker's death was a powerful hit to the black market, it was soon after replaced with other producers. Redfield himself changed his work as an SOU Captain and took part in the training of new recruits.[11]

Philosophy incident (2010)

In mid-2010, the BSAA was alerted to a series of disappearances in Western Australia around Philosophy. BSAA Advisor Dr. Rebecca Chambers, a virologist took part in the investigation by gaining employment as a supply lecturer to spy on the university. Not aware until soon after, the US government's Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team was also investigating the university as they believed that the university hired Dr. Ryan Howard, a former Umbrella USA researcher with their chosen agent being his own son, Liam. Dr. Howard was employed by the university with the hopes that through illegal experimentation on the students, their intelligence could be rapidly increased with one student, Mary Grey being a successful test subject. Dr. Howard was soon after found to be responsible for the abductions, having taken the students to be experimented on as part of a viral experiment and who became zombies so they could not be returned. Nonetheless, the zombies escaped from containment and began attacking the other students. With the situation becoming hot, the BSAA was ordered in to assist with the squad including Cpt. Redfield and Piers Nivans from the North American branch.[8]

Sejm Incident (2011)

In 2011, the BSAA's European Branch was alerted to an island-spanning biohazard which took place on Sejm Island. The island was a Soviet relic which endured an economic collapse during the Collapse of the Soviet Union and was prayed on by Umbrella employee Dr. Alex Wesker for a decade starting in 2000. The island became the site of inhuman research into t-Phobos, a virus engineered to implant a copy of Dr. Wesker's conscious mind into the brains of successful candidates, but saw the deaths of perhaps thousands during its prototype stages. The BSAA was alerted to the goings-on by Claire Redfield, a TerraSave member related to Cpt. Redfield who was abducted on Dr. Wesker's behalf to complete the project. The flow of the information was slow and after six months, the European Branch was finally ready to begin its assault on the island. Ahead of this assault, Consultant Barry Burton landed by boat alone to rescue his daughter Moira Burton. He succeeded and took part in the killing of Dr. Wesker and the rescue of Natalia Korda, a Terragrigian child who was a successful test subject. As the three left the island by helicopter, a large BSAA force landed to destroy the Revenant B.O.W.s that took over.

Marhawa School Incident (2012)

In 2012, BSAA Advisor Dr. Doug Wright, a university lecturer in Singapore was contacted in confidence by the Marhawa School, a prestigious boarding school where a child was violently murdered by a fellow pupil who Dr. Wright confirmed to be a zombie. When contact with him was lost, Agents Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and Merah Biji decided to investigate the site of the infection.

Global Bioterror Attack (2012-2013)

In December 2012, the BSAA was deployed to a warzone in Edonia, Eastern Europe where a bio-terrorist attack occurred. Several members of Chris Redfield's team were killed by an unidentified female bio-terrorist who referred herself as "Ada Wong". Only he and Piers Nivans survived.

Six months later, in June, Neo-Umbrella claimed to have struck the American city of Tall Oaks hard, creating many zombies by utilizing the C-Virus' airborne-infection properties. Both because of the American sense of self-support and because of Derek C. Simmons' plans, the BSAA was refused assistance in the country yet again. This meant that the BSAA could concentrate its forces in Lanshiang which was the second of the two targets.[12] Neo-Umbrella itself created a base in Lanshiang where the organisation could continue experimenting on the C-Virus.

There were two bio-terrorist events in the Chinese province of Lanshiang. The first was a coordinated strike by J'avo who proceeded to butcher the civilians in the city of Waiyip and a missile laced with the C-Virus was fired at Tatchi and proceeded to infect tens of thousands of people immediately.

After Jake handed his blood over for the development of a C-Virus vaccine, the BSAA realized that he was an important figure to saving the world from bio-terrorism. As a result, they decided to keep his relationship with Albert Wesker top secret to protect him from Wesker's enemies and protect the world from bio-terrorism.

Sonido De Tortuga Island (2014)

In 2014, Parker Luciani of the BSAA North American branch was dispatched at the behest of Chris Redfield to aid and assist Chris' sister, Claire Redfield of TerraSave during the Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident.

New York Outbreak (2014)

Glenn Arias, a bio-weapon dealer, attacked New York by unleashing the A-Virus. Chris Redfield (leading the Silver Dagger), Nadia, D.C., Damian, DSO Agent Leon S. Kennedy stopped him, reversed the outbreak, and rescued the BSAA advisor and professor of Alexander Institute of Biotechnology, Rebecca Chambers.

Baker House Incident (2017)

In 2017, Blue Umbrella asked the BSAA for help and as a response, they sent Agent Chris Redfield when he was dispatched with a team to Dulvey Parish, Louisiana. They arrived at the Baker Ranch just in time to assist Ethan Winters in defeating a human based B.O.W. and with his wife was airlifted out of the area. Chris went down into the mines to find Lucas Baker who was associated with The Connections, a crime syndicate that was indirectly responsible for the Baker House Incident. Chris was dispatched again a few weeks later to search for Zoe Baker at Ethan's request.

Village Massacre (2021)

At the time of the Village incident, Redfield had lost trust in the BSAA, which is now described as "a rotten and ruined organization."[13] The BSAA sent their forces to contain and destroy the Black God along with Miranda. At the same time, the Hound Wolf Squad, under the command of Chris Redfield, entered the valley to do the same task, acting independently of the BSAA. Chris Redfield found the BSAA soldiers to be behaving callously and only provoked the anger of the Black God, being almost if not completely wiped out by it at Miranda's direction. The Hound Wolf Squad was ultimately the last group to evacuate the valley following the elimination of the Black God. With one of the BSAA soldiers in their helicopter, they discovered the soldier was in fact a B.O.W., revealing the BSAA's soldiers to be engineered mutants and raising questions about the BSAA's decision to utilize such weaponry. Redfield orders his team to head for the BSAA's European headquarters to get answers.


Members of the BSAA.

Chris Redfield dressed in the Standard BSAA Uniform. Carrying the Assault Rifle for Special Tactics.

The standard uniform of the BSAA consists of light gray combat fatigues, gloves and combat boots and a green bulletproof vest. However, this is only standard to SOU's. SOAs usually wore different outfits based on individual preference and conditions of a specific mission.

Weapons and Equipment

The BSAA use a wide variety of weapons, equipment, and military vehicles in their effort to rid the world of bioterrorism.

During 2005, the standard sidearm of BSAA operators was the M92F. However, only Jill, Chris and Keith are seen using this as their default sidearm while Jessica and Parker are equipped with the G18 and Handgun Government respectively. BSAA operators also used the G36 assault rifle along with the M3 shotgun as they are seen to be equipped by Parker, Chris and Keith. Following the liquidation of the F.B.C, the BSAA absorbed the former agencies assets which in effect increased their arsenal.

In 2009, the standard weapons for BSAA operators are the SIG 556 (modified to fire on full auto) and the Beretta 92FS. They also used many other weapons including shotguns, sniper rifles along with assault rifles and submachine guns. A fallen BSAA soldier in the Marshlands also had an S&W M29 and those hanging from the Ndesu's waistband are carrying other pistols.

In 2012, the assault rifles are replaced by Assault Rifle for Special Tactics mainly used by Chris and the other members of the BSAA. Chris also has a Nine-Oh-Nine as his sidearm, but it is not seen being used by the other operators. Some operators (such as Jeff) are armed with a Shotgun. Piers used an Anti-material rifle along with his MP-AF as his secondary weapon. The clean-up crews are seen using flamethrowers to dispose of hazardous material. Its use as a weapon is unknown.

The BSAA also has a bio-scanner called 'Genesis', developed by Quint Cetcham. It is used to scan B.O.Ws and such as well as produce Green Herb upon reaching 100% of the data. However, after 2005, this equipment seems to no longer exist.

The BSAA is also seen to field different types of advanced military vehicles including helicopters, High Mobility Vehicles, jeeps and armoured personnel carriers to transport their forces, though they seem to lack heavier armoured vehicles. In Edonia. they used helicopter gunships against the J'avo and ground attack planes against an insurgent-deployed Ogroman.

Deployment and structure

BSAA patches of different continents

Following the UN acquisition of the BSAA, it has become a global force in the War on Terror. By 2009, the BSAA had been split into eight branches with regional headquarters to allow for simultaneous operations around the world, though the global headquarters is believed to still be in the United Kingdom.[1] These regions were: Europe, North America, South America, East Africa, West Africa, Middle East, Far East and Oceania which also are responsible for overseeing operations in Antarctica.[1] Typically, the soldiers within each branch were only deployed where their branch had oversight, though in certain conditions reinforcements could be required while soldiers with high clearance ratings such as Cpt. Chris Redfield were able to take part in foreign operations without prior request. Situations of legitimate cross-branch deployment included the 2012 UN intervention in the Edonian Civil War which the North American and European branches cooperated and the 2013 UN intervention in Lanshiang which the North American and Far East branches cooperated. An unknown incident prior to 2009 required a cross-branch operation with more than 70 soldiers participating.[1]

During operations, BSAA branches deployed two types of soldiers, referred to as the Special Operations Unit and the Special Operations Agent. Special Operations Units (SOUs) typically functioned in a cell-structure of four people which would work with other cells to form a squad of 12 people with the squad leader's rank typically being that of Captain. Squads are only formed during operational planning and given generic call-signs such as "Alpha Team". As such, the "Alpha Team" of one mission conducted by a branch may have a totally different size and composition to the "Alpha Team" of another mission.[1]

Special Operations Agents (SOAs) typically take part in espionage activities such as investigating areas with a suspected bio-terrorist presence on behalf of the branch HQ or providing local geography insight to assist in SOU operation planning.[1] The SOAs typically function as either individuals or as two-person cells and are known to join operations out of uniform to avoid detection.[1] If an operation calls for it, however, SOAs are expected to use their small size and appearance to their advantage to capture and detain suspects.[1]

Known operators and associates

Name Role Branch/Team Status
AMADI Information analyst West African Branch Alive
Agent N/A North American Branch Alive
Airhart, Ben SOU North American Branch Deceased
Alfonso, Carl SOU North American Branch Deceased
Alomar, Sheva SOA West African Branch Alive
Anderson, Brown SOU (formerly) West African Branch Deceased
Biji, Merah SOA Far East Branch Deceased
Burton, Barry Consultant/combat specialist N/A Alive
Wilson, Dion Hound Wolf Squad North American Branch Alive
Cetcham, Quint SOA (formerly), research and development (currently) European Branch Alive
Chambers, Rebecca Advisor N/A Alive
D.C. Silver Dagger North American Branch Alive
Damian Silver Dagger North American Branch Deceased
DeChant, Dan SOU captain Alpha Team, West African Branch


Doug Pilot West African Branch Deceased
Fisher, Reynard Infiltration agent West African Branch Deceased
Hawk 2 Pilot N/A Deceased
Hendrick SOU Alive
Home, Sophie SOA Oceania Branch Alive
Jeff SOU North American Branch Deceased
Johnson, Dave SOU marksman Delta Team, West African Branch Deceased
Keaton SOU North American Branch Deceased
Perlman, John Hound Wolf Squad North American Branch Alive
Luciani, Parker SOA (formerly), SOU (currently) North American Branch Alive
Lumley, Keith SOA European Branch (formerly), East African Branch (currently) Alive
MJ Research and development West African Branch Alive
Macauley, Finn SOU explosives expert North American Branch Deceased
Mathison, Kirk SOU pilot West African Branch[15] Deceased
Mike Chief information analyst West African Branch Alive
Nadia Silver Dagger North American Branch Alive
Graham, Charlie Hound Wolf Squad North American Branch Alive
Nivans, Piers SOU sniper North American Branch Deceased
O'Brian, Clive R. Director (formerly), advisor (currently) N/A Alive
Redfield, Chris SOA (formerly), SOU captain (formerly), Hound Wolf Squad captain (currently) Alpha Team, North American Branch Alive
Reid SOU North American Branch Deceased
Reidy Information analyst West African Branch Alive
Rose, Marco SOU explosives expert North American Branch Deceased
Ryan Information Analyst West African Branch Deceased
Sherawat, Jessica SOA (formerly) N/A Alive
Stone, Josh SOU captain Delta Team, West African Branch Alive
Suzuki M. Information analyst (formerly) West African Branch Alive
Berkhoff, Emily Hound Wolf Squad North American Branch Alive
Elba, Rolando Hound Wolf Squad North American Branch Alive
Valentine, Jill SOA North American Branch Alive
Walker, Andy SOU North American Branch Deceased
White, Cathy Undercover agent N/A Deceased
Wright, Doug Advisor N/A Deceased



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