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(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

BirkinJournal is an excerpt from the journal of Dr. William Birkin, and was written in the lead-up to the 1998 Raccoon City incident.[1]


I feel I'm getting closer to unraveling the secrets I've passed by so
many times before. That elusive key which will unlock all that the
G-virus will have to offer. It has so much to show us, I'm sure of it.
If only I could procure more subjects to help me with my
investigations, all these years of labor and careful investigation
could reach some kind of glorious resolution.

I can sense the greatness of the G-virus. Its raw power. Its links
with a higher level of being. It is existence on a higher level -
something to which we should all aspire. And it's something that I
will deliver to the world. My G-virus is the next evolutionary step
- created by man. With my work, man will surpass god himself.

"My work." An interesting turn of phrase. Umbrella will see it as
their work. Their reward. But what have they done for it? They've
provided equipment, and raw materials. But I've shown the way. I
have cleared the path. Me. William Birkin. And yet they will reap
the reward while I will likely be forgotten.

Or worse. I'm reminded once again of that deed. The order to
terminate Marcus. To appropriate all of his data. All of his life's
work. Am I now filling that Marcus seat? Who will be ordered to
take my life's work? When will my work become more valuable to
Umbrella than I am myself? And what of Annette and my

If Umbrella feel that I am no longer needed, what becomes of them?

I must proceed with caution. I need to finish my work of course, but
perhaps keep the details close. My colleagues can't know how near
I am to completion - those fools wouldn't possibly understand even
if I told them! Their silly little projects - games and child's play. My
work must continue.

So the future... perhaps Umbrella isn't the place for my G-virus. Are
there other organizations that would be interested? Maybe my
work for these places would need to be more... conventional.
Controlled perhaps. But at least G would survive and thrive.
Become part of a brave, new world.

As would I.

Further notes[]


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