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Bittersweet Escape (George) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is played at the end of the "desperate times" scenario if playing as George Hamilton.


George and Rita Philips drive off in Harry's van, but Lieutenant Marvin Branagh is left behind.


Rita Phillips: "C'mon!"

Harry: "Hurry!"

Rita: "C'mon, get in!"
"Is this everyone?"
"What about Marvin?"

Marvin Branagh: "Go, go, go!"

Rita: "Marvin!"

Marvin: "Don't worry about me! Just get going!"

Rita: "No way! I'm not leaving you behind!"

Harry: "Oh my god!"

Rita: "Marvin!"

George Hamilton: "The futility of our actions was all I could think about and weighed down on my soul like an anchor."
"We made the decisions circumstance dictated and left the rest up to fate."
"But these makings of logic doesn't elevate the guilt, the regret."

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