Bittersweet Escape (Kevin) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is played at the end of the "desperate times" scenario if playing as Kevin Ryman.


Kevin and Rita Philips drive off in Harry's van, but Lieutenant Marvin Branagh is left behind.


Rita Phillips: C'mon!

Harry: Hurry!

Rita: C'mon, get in!
Is this everyone?
What about Marvin?

Marvin Branagh: Go, go, go!

Rita: Marvin!

Marvin: Don't worry about me! Just get going!

Rita: No way! I'm not leaving you behind!

Harry: Oh my god!

Rita: Marvin!

Kevin Ryman: You don't need to worry about him, Rita. He was born to be a cop.
It'll take more than that to stun a tough guy like him.
Hell, we haven't even finished training the new recruits yet.
Right, Marvin?

Rita: こっちよ!

Harry: は、 早く!

Rita: さあ、 乗って!

Marvin: 行け! 早く行け!!

Rita: マービン!!

Marvin: 俺に構うな! 早く行くんだ!!

Rita: 何言ってるの!? 早く来て!!

Harry: もう限界だ!

Rita: マービン!!

Kevin: …心配することはねえやつは根っからの警官さ
そうだろ? …マービン



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