The Black Bass is a fish that can be found in the village in Resident Evil 4. There are two kinds than can be found in game, the standard "Black Bass" and the "Black Bass (L)". They can be stored in the attache case and function as health items. They are found alive and need to be killed by any weapon to be picked up. They generally die in one or two hits from the weakest weapons. They sometimes respawn in areas where you can find them.


Black Bass Black Bass (L)
Size 3x1 (3 total) 6x2 (12 total)
Healing About 3 & 3/4th Bars Full Heal
Selling Price 750₧ 2,300₧
"Restores health partially."
"Restores health completely."


Bass can be found in the following places:

  • Chapter 1-2: Factory ruins; In the sewer water near the exit.
  • Chapter 1-3: Lake; Near the dock, though not easily obtained due the danger of shooting the water resulting in Del Lago attacking.
  • Chapter 2-1: Lake; Near both docks.

Bass can also be seen and shot at in Waterway A but can't be reached by the player.

Further Notes

  • Black Bass are actually native to North America, and not Europe where Resident Evil 4 takes place.


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