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Blade (ブレイド bureido?) is a variant of Hunter that was intended as an enemy type for Resident Evil 4 during its "Stylish" (1998-2000) stage of development. When the game became Devil May Cry, it was too late in development to remove them, and they were instead changed to demons in the new story, which prompted the design team to add the shield and helmet.[1][excerpt 1]

Based on concept art present in the Devil May Cry HD Collection, the Blade was proposed as a mid-strength enemy to appear in the game's third stage.[2]



  1. Tomoya Ohtsubo: My best memories are of the minor enemy "Blade". It had been around since before the title even became "DMC". Before the change, when the game was still "RE 4", Blades were B.O.W.'s [bio organic weapons]; half-man and half-beast, with no shield or helment. After the change, though, Blades went from being B.O.W.'s to demons, so we gave them shields and helmets, and Kamiya-san said, "Make sure they can fire their claws." (laughs) That was key. So I started working on their "claw missile" attack. That was the point when I started really liking these guys.
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    " ブレイド"