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The Blade Molded (ブレード・モールデッド Burēdo mōrudeddo?) is another variant of Molded that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.



The Blade Molded are a further mutation of the regular Molded. Similar to its predecessor, the Spiked-Arm variants are covered in black veined fungus, however, as opposed to dual clawed arms, their right arms have mutated into a mass of organic spiked blades capable of stretching at a distance and durable enough to be used as a shield.

A Blade Molded is capable of further mutating into the Double Blade Molded when it sustains enough biomass to survive for an unknown duration of time, as seen in the End of Zoe DLC.


It still retains the same attack moves as its default variant, with the addition of its spiked arm attack and the ability to shield its head from damage. However, it is unable to grab and bite Ethan's arm. It is especially dangerous when it is crawling as a result of getting one of its leg blown off, as it is capable of swiping its spiked arm continuously at Ethan. It also has noticeably higher health than its default variant, being able to take on few more headshots with a handgun. It is possible however, to take them out with one shotgun blast to the head on any difficulty, although this is not always successful and sometimes requires more than one shot. These Molded have exactly the same counterattacks that the Regular Molded have. If Ethan is not careful, it can also sever his leg with its blade.

Ethan first encounters this variant when trying to open one of the slabs in the Processing Area. In the Madhouse difficulty it is first encountered in the Old House.

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