Bleeding is a status effect first introduced in Resident Evil Outbreak and File 2.

Outbreak series

It is similar to Poison, but it leaves its victims limping until the status wears off, no matter what status condition they are currently in. This leaves the character vulnerable to attacks from other enemies and slows down their movement similar to that of the danger status. Eventually, the bleeding will stop after a certain period of time, and the player will return to their current condition after it halts. A player can stop their character from bleeding by taking a Hemostat or using Cindy Lennox's tourniquet, while holding the bleeding character, in order to stop the bleeding.

The bleeding status becomes more dangerous in The Hive, the third scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak. A bleeding character will attract the leeches roaming the hospital while in a bleeding status. In addition, a bleeding character will attract the attention of the Leech Man causing it to prioritise the bleeding character over other characters in the vicinity.

Revelations 2

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, bleeding returns as a status effect. While it is active, the character afflicted by this effect continually loses health until cured through the use of a Tourniquet. Characters afflicted with this condition cannot die from it. This condition is applied to characters when they receive strong hits, like those from the Iron Head enemies.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Losing Your Leg[1] occurs when the player's hit by certain attacks that result in the player character having their leg cut off and falling to the floor. While in this state, the player can only slowly move along the ground and will gradually lose health until they die. The only way to recover is to pick up the character's cut off Leg so that it will be in the player's inventory, and then use a First Aid Med or Strong First Aid Med.

Attacks that cause the character to lose their leg are:

  • Jack Baker catching the player attempting to use the Pantry Key
  • Jack Baker's low attack with the chainsaw during the fight in the Morgue.
  • Arm slashes from Blade Molded

Deaths by bleeding out in this state is kept track on as "Loss of Blood".



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