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Pvzfanatic423756 Pvzfanatic423756 4 days ago

Why RE7 isn’t an FPS

I keep seeing people say that RE7 is just a bad FPS, so I’ll clarify why it’s NOT an FPS:

The focus of the game is not to shoot guns, but to survive in a creepy house. Guns are not the main lop point of the game! There are many other things. Saying it’s an FPS because you use guns in a first person perspective is like saying Tekken is a TPS since it’s third person and some characters have guns, or that Devil May Cry is a Platformer because you can jump to other heights. You can shoot guns, but this game is not a game where you have to shoot guns. There’s also stealth and survival and fighting and knives in there, you idiots!

There is limited ammo, so it is not an action game, and shooters are action games. There is slow gameplay, restricting pow…

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Forerunner Forerunner 19 days ago

New Resident Evil announcement (teased)

Today at the Capcom NEXT event director Koshi Nakanishi teased his work on a new Resident Evil game. This was the final minute of the event in what was likely a deliberate effort to tease the audience.

Be ready for an announcement, hopefully over the Summer!

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Forerunner Forerunner 24 April

Movie news (minor)

A new post by Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman suggests Screen Gems is developing a new Resident Evil film. Screen Gems was the financier of Apocalypse through to The Final Chapter, and distributed the 2002 Resident Evil film and Welcome to Raccoon City (financed independently). Richtman was behind several movie leaks such as trailer announcements and the leak of the Welcome to Raccoon City casting sheet.

Both Screen Gems and Constantin Film (rights holders) have had internal shake-ups over the past year, so how consistent their plans have been since the original declaration of "multiple projects" in October 2022 is doubtful.

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Forerunner Forerunner 3 February

January 2024 roundup

It's now February 2024, and a whole month has slipped by. In this staff blog I'll list the big changes we've done this past month, and hopefully some things to add in future!

  • 1 Updates
    • 1.1 Big projects
    • 1.2 Other updates
    • 1.3 Future plans?

We looked into the often forgotten promotional events that played out at Universal Studios Japan. For those unaware, Capcom has over the past decade opened-up escape rooms and laser shooting ranges in the park in Osaka, where Resident Evil-themed food and drink are provided in the courts. We made a big contribution to the "Umbrella Corporation ~ t-Virus Escape ~" event in particular. More was done on the 16th with the "Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City" event expanded with new videos. Several other promo eve…

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Moonchalk Moonchalk 10 January

The Keeper's Diary: A Biohazard Story

The Keeper's Diary: A Biohazard Story is a short film inspired by the origins of a titular researcher in the mansion before and during the events of original game and its 2002 remake. It serves as "a retelling of the diary of the same name occurred in the original game."

Some casts from the original game returned to the film including Charlie Kraslavsky, who originally appeared in live action cutscenes of the original game as Chris Redfield, serves his different role as a titular researcher in the short film. Pablo Kuntz, also originally appeared in voice-over in game of the original game as Albert Wesker.

According to the film director Andrew Saullo, he took over also two months of development to finish filming after the successful crowdfun…

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AngelPeacekeeper AngelPeacekeeper 9 January

Leon's Operation Javier clothes.

Hi, I am new in the Fandom Communitty and i want to make a Resident Evil cosplay specially about Leon's Costume in Operation Javier from Resident Evil the Darkside Chronicles, i have been looking for internet clothes like he use but i do not find the correct ones, specially the "back protector" he uses, i tried to search in google the "back protector" but i do not find the once with the design he uses. So, if anyone could tell me about what are the correct clothes, the kind of belt, and the correct name of each tactical article that he has i would be so grateful for your help. Thank you and wish you a good day, afternoon or night. Pd: It is too hard for you to recognize the clothes with the images i post i post this link where you can find…

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Forerunner Forerunner 3 January

The many unlicensed escape rooms

Hey guys, Forerunner here! For early 2024 I'm focusing on expanding our coverage on promotional events such as haunted house attractions and escape rooms. This week however we've also stumbled upon what appear to be a series of unlicensed events in Europe and the United States. As they're not official we'll avoid having articles covering them, but we'll talk about them here. Due to their nature, I should also point out that we can't confirm if they look like what their promotional images say. Regardless, if you live near one of the locations, give them a look!.

  • 1 List
    • 1.1 Chicago, Illinois
    • 1.2 Kyiv, Ukraine
    • 1.3 Lviv, Ukraine
    • 1.4 Brussels, Belgium
    • 1.5 Slovakia
    • 1.6 France
    • 1.7 Hamburg, Germany
    • 1.8 Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2 Story
  • 3 Sources


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Forerunner Forerunner 15 December 2023

Merry Christmas (and more)

Well, it's that time of year again! Over on the Wiki we've had a few changes going on recently as you can no doubt tell - for those who are new, this is the 'Christmas theme' which will be reverted back to normal come January. For those who wish to experiment further by adding in a snow background effect (yes, that exists), go over to and past the following code:

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Sum41Champ Sum41Champ 14 September 2023


2 Game series and characters I enjoy more than darker video games

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Forerunner Forerunner 30 July 2023

The Louisiana Mystery House

Hello there, folks. Today we have something interesting. We've started up a new WikiProject to find the identity of what we're calling the "Mystery House".

The rundown?
In early 2014 the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard dev team decided they wanted to draw inspiration from the original Resident Evil, but drawing from the Southern Gothic horror genre. Early concept art for the Baker family's Plantation was rudimentary and drew from images of Deep South mansions taken from Google Images. To make sure they had the right design, two separate trips to Louisiana were made in the Spring - an initial survey to get the environment right and prove it could be 'scary', and a follow-up to get the right textures for the setting.

This mansion, pictured, appears to …

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Forerunner Forerunner 22 June 2023

Resident Evil: Death Island is out

Earlier today, Resident Evil: Dead Island made its premier in the Philippines, followed by the rest of South East Asia. As this is now officially a released film, the Resident Evil Wiki has opened the floodgates.

Death Island's plot will soon make its way onto the Wiki. Avoid articles relating to the film or its lead characters if you wish to see the film for yourself first.

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Jacob Proper Jacob Proper 17 June 2023

Crossover characters

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Sailor man95 Sailor man95 16 June 2023

Summer special

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Forerunner Forerunner 1 June 2023

Info-dump on the new movie

Hey guys. I'm just posting a list of known info on the upcoming Resident Evil live-action movie so we can go back to it for future reference.

  • The April 6 copy confirms the film is Resident Evil 0 based, and uses the same producers as Welcome to Raccoon City.
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Forerunner Forerunner 23 April 2023

Theory: How the War on Terror changed Resident Evil 4

Hey guys, Forerunner here. Today I want to talk about the changing development of Shinji Mikami's Resident Evil 4, how planned content was changed in the final version, and a theory as to why that happened.

Concept art found in Resident Evil Archives II sets the Salazar family as being established in the 15th or 16th century. It was during this time that Reconquista was completed with the last of the Muslim states in Iberia being conquered by their Christian rivals led by the Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Incidentally, there is a King and Queen puzzle. An analysis of the trial version done by Project Umbrella gives us further insight into some cut files. In particular, a file indicates that due to the persecutions by Gr…

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Forerunner Forerunner 23 March 2023

Floodgates are open for RE4

It's that time again - it just hit midnight 24 March in New Zealand, and the Kiwis there are downloading their legal copies of Resident Evil 4. As we cannot in good conscience prohibit these people editing the wiki, the floodgates are now open for ALL.

If you are still waiting for your copy to arrive and do not want spoilers, please avoid the Wiki until you've finished the game. If you don't care about spoilers, go ahead and edit anyway. Files, details on how to best kill the enemies, items and where to find them, etc. It's all welcome and all NEEDED!

Happy editing!


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Forerunner Forerunner 12 March 2023

The Resident Evil 6 hoax

Hey guys, Forerunner here. While going through old website archives, I happened upon an age-old hoax that took over the internet in 2011. Hoaxes in this fandom are commonplace, and I think this is a good way of showing how easy they have been to do, and how they can rope-in fans to create an air of legitimacy.

  • 1 Part 1: The rumours
  • 2 Part 2: The Video
    • 2.1 Comment excerpts
  • 3 Part 3: Drama
  • 4 Part 4: Fallout
  • 5 Final thoughts

Throughout 2011, the fandom was bogged down by rumours of an impending Resident Evil 6. In July fans had their wish with the reveal of the Resident Evil 6 logo at a private screening at the San Diego Comic Con. The image made its way onto the Hell Descent Horror Forums, credited to a user named "Akiraodasan" who claimed to have been all…

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Forerunner Forerunner 7 March 2023

Lost content

Hey guys, Forerunner here. I wanted to list some of the old thing from the franchise that we're having trouble finding online. They're mostly marketing-related stuff, which would be in old magazines or archives of gaming news sites. We'll be able to add them to the wiki once that's done!

  • Resident Evil 2 launch parties in the US and UK, 1998.
  • Resident Evil Outbreak launch parties in the US, 2004 -- supposedly there were Zombies roaming LA.
  • BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK marketing, 2003 -- posters put up around Tokyo.
  • Resident Evil 5 blood drive, 2009 -- a Red Cross event where you could donate blood to get a copy of the game.
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Forerunner Forerunner 15 February 2023

Summary of GI interview 2

Most of the questions are memes, so we'll cut just to the ones that matter.

  • They can't say whether or not there's a stalker enemy.
  • The village as an explorable area is larger than in the original.
  • "Almost no" quick time events.
  • You get snake meat from killing snakes; not chicken eggs.
  • Leon can still 'roundhouse kick'
  • Birdnest treasure
  • NO hookman (Hirabayashi had to explain who he is)
  • Merchant and Duke knew each other in the past
  • The island was reworked, but is about the same size
  • More than one Chainsaw Man
  • Some areas require weapons, so an "almost" all-Knife run is do-able
  • New Game+
  • Regenerador and Garrador might be in it
  • Ashley climbs down ladders
  • The environment can be used in some area.
  • Hirabayashi loved the RE4 Chainsaw controller, but there isn't on…
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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 13 February 2023


With the current remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, and number 4 about to make its appearance soon. This is my way of reviewing them and to see if my thoughts about them are similar to yours.

  • 1 Notes
  • 2 Resident Evil 4
    • 2.1 Leon
      • 2.1.1 Weapons
        • Hanguns
        • Shotguns
        • Launchers
      • 2.1.2 Action
      • 2.1.3 Creatures
        • Las Plaga
        • Bosses
    • 2.2 Gallery
    • 2.3 Notes
  • 3 Resident Evil 5
    • 3.1 Characters
      • 3.1.1 Chris Redfield
      • 3.1.2 Sheva Alomar
      • 3.1.3 Albert Wesker
      • 3.1.4 Jill Valentine
      • 3.1.5 Weapons
        • Hanguns
        • Shotguns
        • Launchers
      • 3.1.6 Action
      • 3.1.7 Creatures
        • Uroboros
        • Bosses
    • 3.2 Gallery
    • 3.3 Notes
  • 4 Resident Evil 6
    • 4.1 Characters
      • 4.1.1 Leon and Helena
      • 4.1.2 Jake and Sherry
      • 4.1.3 Chris and Piers
      • 4.1.4 Ada Wong
      • 4.1.5 Weapons
        • Hanguns
        • Shotguns
        • Launchers
      • 4.1.6 Action
      • 4…

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Forerunner Forerunner 7 February 2023

New Resident Evil film announced

A new Resident Evil animated film has been announced, titled "Resident Evil: Death Island". Announced with timed-exclusivity by IGN, their YouTube synopsis reads:

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Forerunner Forerunner 1 February 2023

Summary of GI interview

Below is a summary of the Game Informer interview, for the benefit of editors.

  • Co-directors Yasuhiro Ampo and Kazunori Kadoi were reluctant to work on Resident Evil 4, as the game had such a high popularity that slipups may ruin the game's image in the fandom. The dev team played the original game before having a meeting.
  • The Blue Medallion quest is still in the game, but there are now more side quests to accomplish, such as fetch quests and hunting game.
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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 16 October 2022

Theropod (Giganotosaurus)

Simmons' second mutation seems to have the basic shape of a dinosaur similar to a giganotosaurus. The body is covered with many boney plates with patches of exposed muscle tissue scattered across the body. The musculature is quite dense, and its behavior is instinctual instead of rational. His driving force is to devour his enemies.

In this form, Simmons relies solely on brute strength and has no other outstanding abilities. His armoured body is invulnerable to small arms and only high explosives and heavy weapons can cause any significant damage. Inside the creature's mouth is a large orange-coloured eye that serves as a weak spot - the exposed sections of flesh on its back are also vulnerable, but the players will have to destroy the pro…

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Forerunner Forerunner 30 July 2022

TV show dub lists

Just posting some screenshots from the show's credits for future reference.

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Forerunner Forerunner 13 July 2022

Floodgates are open

With the Resident Evil TV series out in the next few hours and reviews already out, we urge readers who want to experience the show for themselves to avoid articles which are likely to contain spoilers. We have a few regular editors who intend to add material throughout the day, while a few others will watch the show first and begin later in the week. Pages will be untidy and will be added to and re-written constantly this week. If you wish to participate, feel free to join us! Just remember to cite which episode the new stuff is from so it's easy to double-check.

The types of pages we'll be needing are:

  1. Character pages - prioritise doing their biography. If there's material you have trouble adding to the page, put it in a "Further notes" sect…
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Forerunner Forerunner 21 June 2022

Arklay: The TV show that wasn't

Now and then the fandom is abuzz with talk about "Arklay", an enigmatic series from 10 years ago that never managed to see the light of day. Here we'll go through the history of Arklay so it can be of use in future research.

Our story begins in 2011 with Resident Evil fan Shawn Lebert who, though his company "Pony Pen Productions", sought to make a web series that would be produced professionally as an alternative to Sony's film series. Each episode was to ultimately build up to the series' mystery: "Who is Mia?" Lebert wrote a number of scripts based on the Resident Evil IP. Maria Olsen was in charge of casting, and performed her job from February-April 2012, ultimately. setting on a young Marisha Ray ("Angela") as the star of the first episo…

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Young Mako Young Mako 8 June 2022

Capcom Showcase 06/13/22

The Capcom Showcase 2022 provided new content for Resident Evil Fans across three primary announcements. You can check out the updates from last year's showcase here.

  • 1 Resident Evil Village DLC
    • 1.1 Shadows of Rose
    • 1.2 Mercenaries - Additional Orders -
    • 1.3 Third Person Mode
  • 2 A First Look at Resident Evil 4 Remake
  • 3 Resident Evil 2, 3 & 7 Next-Gen Upgrades
  • 4 Check out the new trailer for Winters' Expansion & The Gold Edition!

As first announced last June, Winters' Expansion will be added to Resident Evil 8: Village via downloadable content. The expansion will feature three new game modes for players to enjoy. Resident Evil Gold Edition will include the base game and the Winters' Expansion. Both will release simultaneously on October 28, 2022.

Shadows of R…

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Forerunner Forerunner 15 December 2021

Statement regarding a recent trademark dispute

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FalcoLombardo FalcoLombardo 11 October 2021

Outbreak 1 (Playing Manual)




※ コントローラタイプを変更している場合はボタン名を読み替えて下さい。



















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Forerunner Forerunner 30 August 2021

Movie update

We've finally got an update to the status of Welcome to Raccoon City today. We'll summarise below, but here's the full interview if you want it all.

  • Roberts' pitch was to focus on the "scares and atmosphere rather than full-on action" as the previous movie series had led to.
  • Capcom provided ScreenGems with design blueprints for the Spencer Mansion and the Raccoon Police Station. They also provided templates for the artwork that would go on the walls.
  • The script will give equal focus to Jill, Leon, Claire, Chris and Wesker - Roberts prefers an ensemble rather than fan favourites cameoing in their own movie.
  • Leon is to be portrayed more as the "rookie" of RE2 than the "buff action hero" of RE4. He will also be hungover at the start, echoing Leon…

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Forerunner Forerunner 24 August 2021

TV show production blog

This is just a tentative blog for me to mock up a rough timeline of the Resident Evil live-action show's production. It's not a staff blog.

  • 17 May 2014: Constantin Film executive Martin Moszkowicz appears at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival and announces an interest in two new adapted series for international release: Mortal Instruments and Resident Evil. While the former is already in pre-production, the latter they intend to get around to after the sixth film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, wraps up.


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Marcusgan11 Marcusgan11 9 July 2021

Infinite Darkness (and other Netflix series)

So, what did you guys think of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness? I thought it was interesting and kept me entertained, but it felt like it was the standard animated movie broken up into four parts

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Forerunner Forerunner 14 June 2021

New Village DLC on its way

Today at E3, Capcom producer Tsuyoshi Kanda gave a brief announcement confirming their intentions to support Resident Evil Village with more DLC. Unfortunately, he did not go into details as to what this may be or when we can expect it, so it may be some time before you can play it. It's possible this is connected to "DLC02", a mysterious unreleased DLC that still has not been released after eight months. Re:Verse is still on track to come out next month in the meantime.

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Forerunner Forerunner 11 June 2021

Live-action show cast announced!

The upcoming Resident Evil live-action show is finally ramping into production. So far six cast members have been confirmed to be in the show. From left to right on the attached picture we have:

  • Adeline Rudolph (Minerva Marble in "Riverdale", and Agatha in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina")
  • Siena Nicole Agudong (this is her big break; she played Natlee in the Nickelodean sitcom, "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" when she was much younger)
  • Lance Reddick (More recently he played Christian DeVille in the sitcom, "Corporate", but he's been in various works as a voice actor too - perhaps you heard him as Falcon in the 2012 Avengers series)
  • Paola Núñez (played Esme Carmona in "The Purge")
  • Tamara Smart (Similar to Agudong; Enid in the "Worst Witch" reboot ser…

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HollowIchigo58 HollowIchigo58 5 June 2021

First Person doesn't fit Resident Evil

Okay, after beating Resident Evil Village, I personalty HATE first person in RE, because you can't see the character and have fun with the costumes, like Cowgirl Claire in Revelations 2 or Tribal Sheva in RE5.

I say first person is far more better off for horror games like Alien Isolation, Outlast and Soma, but Resident Evil Village just sucks and not fit for the series.

Also MC's like Ethan or even Mia are bland as toilet paper too and I REALLY want them to bring post RE5 Jill stop doing trash like Ethan and I REALLY hope his story done now.

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Forerunner Forerunner 24 May 2021

Resident Evil beverages

Hey folks, Forerunner here. Today while looking through social media I noticed Capcom has entered into a new partnership with the Cocalero brand in sponsoring the upcoming anime series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. This isn't the second or even the third time we've had beverages in real life that support the franchise, so I thought it would be fun to go through them all. Perhaps you could make a few at home to try out.

  • 1 1. BIOHAZARD 3rd Anniversary Promo Wine Bottle
  • 2 2. Biohazard 15th Anniversary x TBI Group
  • 3 3. T-Virus Antidote
  • 4 4. The Lockup
  • 5 5. TGI Fridays
  • 6 6. BIOHAZARD RE:2 X Bar Rhythm
  • 7 7. Cocalero ✕ BIOHAZARD

For those who would prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, in 1999 Capcom reached a deal with the German winery Carl Jung (not the philo…

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Forerunner Forerunner 22 May 2021

To-do list for June 2021

Hey guys, Forerunner here. I'm listing down a lot of things that need cleaning up on the Wiki so readers/editors can help out.

  • The biographies need cleaning since many are garbled or needlessly long. Common issues whenever a game comes out is that people end up writing them like walkthroughs (hypothetical: "Ethan went to this room and solved a puzzle, then he went to this room and fought some monsters to get a key", etc.)
  • Cutscenes for Village have yet to be fully listed after the castle. You can find the navbox here.
  • We're also missing a few minor characters. Feel free to start an article. You can find them redlinked here.
  • We need to include the Village section of The Tragedy of Ethan Winters Concept Art. It's completely empty.

  • Did you play Umbrell…

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Hoang-Anh12345 Hoang-Anh12345 4 March 2021



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Forerunner Forerunner 26 February 2021

Web 1.0 and lost Resident Evil content

Hey folks, Forerunner here. Lately I've started noticing a lot of dead links around the site due to websites being shut down over the years. We've been around since 16 March 2006, so that's 15 years of deadlinks to watch out for. If you find a dead link, look that link up at the Wayback Machine and replace the link with the archived version.

In the mean time, here are some of the things which - due to websites changing/closing over the years - are effectively lost unless we can figure out what (now lost) websites would have talked about them. They are:

  1. Almost everything to do with the 2000 stage play, "Bioroid Year Zero".
  2. Information relating to when the radio series, "BIOHAZARD The Tragedy of Makoba Village" was on the air.
  3. Likewise for "BIOH…
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TheGhostAlfa TheGhostAlfa 21 November 2020

The Mold and Flood (Halo)

So I've played both RE7 and Halo even more so. Both Flood and Mold creatures are mutilated and reanimated corpses. With that in mind the only way to kill flood would be to kill the original infection form because that's all it needs to live and everything. I am assuming it is the same with the Mold creatures that would mean all you need to do is cause enough damage to the original mold which spreads throughout the body but is centered around the original central nervous system, which would also explain the effects it has on the brain. If it is centered around the central nervous system then that would explain on what makes the hallucinations and psychotic nature of the Baker family. Anyone the Mold chooses to be more so of a slave becomes …

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Raccoon City Storys

with Kevin Ryman and Rita Phillips

I have been dealing with the history of RE and Raccoon City again for the last few days and a thought occurred to me. These two officers of the RPD need their own entry in the franchise! But why?

Well, when I look at the arc surrounding the outbreak in RC, one thing is very clear to me as a fan of storytelling: so much potential and so many stories that can be told. Of course we are not talking about a simple novel here.. The effort involved in a video game is many times greater. Especially nowadays. These two characters can let the player go through the very beginning of the outbreak to the bitter end of the…

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Firestorm808 Firestorm808 13 April 2020

Resident Evil Timeline

  • Timeline by events
  • Timeline by media
  • Progenitor Virus
  • Tyrant Virus
  • Golgotha Virus

  • 1 July 23, 1998 - July 24, 1998
  • 2 September 23, 1998 - October 1, 1998
  • 3 2002
  • 4 Autumn 2004
  • 5 December 24 - 25, 2012

    • Special Tactics and Rescue Service
    • NEST
    • Albert Wesker
    • Rebecca Chambers
    • Billy Coen
    • Chris Redfield
    • Jill Valentine

  • NEST
  • Jill Valentine
  • Leon Scott Kennedy
  • Claire Redfield
  • Ada Wong
  • Katherine Warren
  • Sherry Birkin
  • Annette Birkin
  • William Birkin
  • 23 September
    • Umbrella caught wind of Dr. Birkin's plans thanks to their own moles within the U.S. military, and an Umbrella Security Service task force infiltrated Raccoon City in mid-September and made their way into the…

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Forerunner Forerunner 2 April 2020

Floodgates are open; expect confusion!

Hey folks, Forerunner here. As Resident Evil 3 is now officially out in Japan, Australia and New Zealand (among others), we will no longer be able to commit to keeping spoiler content off the Wiki. Readers in the Western Hemisphere nations such as Canada and the United States are strongly advised to fully expect spoiler content as of now.

Furthermore, as the game is brand new, there will be a chance that information newly added to the Wiki regarding this game will be immediately supplanted by new information. Consequently, we advise users expect there to be confusion for the next few days as Files are added, character biographies are expanded, etc. Anonymous editing is presently de-activated, meaning any reader interested in editing must have a…

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Forerunner Forerunner 10 August 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey guys, Forerunner here. This is an FAQ I'm writing for uses of the Fandom App and Discussions feature. I hope this can be of use for new users confused about aspects of the website. Leave a message in the Comments section if you can, so I know what else could be added.

  • 1 How come there's two pages for the same character?
  • 2 I saw an article I think is badly written. What should I do?
  • 3 I saw an article that has wrong information. Should I fix it?
  • 4 I'm seeing a number of articles consistently saying the same wrong information

The Resident Evil franchise is split into different universes not-unlike Marvel and Detective Comics. As we focus on the franchise as a whole and not just Capcom's game canon (which we call "Prime Universe" here), we have to…

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Forerunner Forerunner 6 July 2019

Arklay Mountain body-count, Part 2

(this is a draft)

Welcome back, folks. Here we'll be counting up the Resident Evil 0 death toll, which is likely to be more complicated than the remake death toll. There are several types of Zombie in the game: Passenger, Conductor, Edward, Cook, Special Forces, Hazmat, Executive candidate, Worker and Naked. Each are indicative of the victim's life, and each are uniquely found in certain areas.

  • 1 Opening (non-train)
  • 2 Train
  • 3 Training Center and basement
  • 4 Training Center Lab
  • 5 Factory and Treatment Plant

Two Marines were part of Billy Coen's detail.

RE0 counter

The train consists of passengers, crew, the Edward Zombie and Special Forces Zombies. For the same of clarity with 'Part 1', we shall ignore Edward.

  • Operator cab
  • Exterior corridor
  • Conductor's …

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Forerunner Forerunner 6 July 2019

Arklay Mountain body-count, Part 1

Hey there, folks. To celebrate the anniversary of the Mansion Incident - the events of Resident Evil and (to an extent) Resident Evil 0 - I'm going to go the Slasher Movie route and come up with a Body Count. I'm expecting it to be much higher than people would typically expect, and am going to rely on a combination of book sources as well as background shots. Part 1 is just for the remake, with Part 2 upping the ante with the RE0 body-count. We have five categories of victim - Civilian, Police, Umbrella employees, Umbrella test-subjects and Other. They will be split further between those encountered in-game and those added by supporting material.

We see no civilians in either game, with the exception of body photos in the remake opening. Inside…

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Forerunner Forerunner 27 May 2019

Staff Blog: I Don't Know What to Edit

Hey there, Forerunner here. A few weeks back, we did a Twitter poll asking regular readers who don't contribute why they don't. A significant number answered that they simply do not know WHAT to edit.

For you fans who really have no idea what needs fixing, we do in fact have a lot of articles to update, and we tag them accordingly. However, many that are tagged are in need of edits the average user may not be too interested in (e.g. listing all the "Examine" text in a particular room in a particular game). Instead, I'll list a few categories full of pages that you can work on without much worry.

I hope to make this a multi-part series, of which this will be part one. So, let's begin with entry #1 in the list.

We have articles for most (we hope ev…

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Annamatherne1 Annamatherne1 8 May 2019

RE7 Characters

These are the characters of RE7!!!!! They might not be in order but they are still the best (except Lucas) *laughs*

  • Chris Redfield.
  • Eveline.
  • Jack Baker.
  • Ethan Winters.
  • Lucas Baker.
  • Mia Winters.
  • Zoe Baker.
  • Joe Baker.
  • Clancy Javis
  • Police Officer
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Kyle12ellis Kyle12ellis 28 January 2019

Resident Evil

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Staurophobia Staurophobia 29 December 2018

My thoughts on prototype content and the RE2 remake

I've talked about this topic enough among friends and other staff on the wiki, so this blog is essentially a space where I can share my thoughts on this topic as they come to mind.

I enjoy where the Resident Evil 2 remake is going, but there's one glaring thing that really continues to bother me (aside from Claire's new outfits). I keep recognizing what I believe to be scrapped prototype elements being reused.

Don't get me wrong, I like that they have the opportunity to expand on ideas that the original team weren't able to fully implement due to time and hardware limitations. The problem I have is with content that was consciously scrapped or reworked being undone and reintroduced into the game. Regardless of the reasoning, I don't care for i…

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