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Forerunner Forerunner 12 days ago

TV show update 2

Hey guys, Forerunner here.

Last week we reported that the Resident Evil TV series will resume filming in British Columbia, after concluding several months of filming around the Western Cape earlier this year. We can now confirm that Vancouver's Orpheum theater will be closed on Friday 10 September to allow filming of the series. If you live in Vancouver, feel free to help the Wiki by taking photographs of the outside this week while the set is prepared.

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Forerunner Forerunner 20 days ago

Movie update

We've finally got an update to the status of Welcome to Raccoon City today. We'll summarise below, but here's the full interview if you want it all.

  • Roberts' pitch was to focus on the "scares and atmosphere rather than full-on action" as the previous movie series had led to.
  • Capcom provided ScreenGems with design blueprints for the Spencer Mansion and the Raccoon Police Station. They also provided templates for the artwork that would go on the walls.
  • The script will give equal focus to Jill, Leon, Claire, Chris and Wesker - Roberts prefers an ensemble rather than fan favourites cameoing in their own movie.
  • Leon is to be portrayed more as the "rookie" of RE2 than the "buff action hero" of RE4. He will also be hungover at the start, echoing Leon…

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Forerunner Forerunner 26 days ago

TV show production blog

This is just a tentative blog for me to mock up a rough timeline of the Resident Evil live-action show's production. It's not a staff blog.

  • 17 May 2014: Constantin Film executive Martin Moszkowicz appears at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival and announces an interest in two new adapted series for international release: Mortal Instruments and Resident Evil. While the former is already in pre-production, the latter they intend to get around to after the sixth film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, wraps up.


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Marcusgan11 Marcusgan11 9 July

Infinite Darkness (and other Netflix series)

So, what did you guys think of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness? I thought it was interesting and kept me entertained, but it felt like it was the standard animated movie broken up into four parts

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Forerunner Forerunner 14 June

New Village DLC on its way

Today at E3, Capcom producer Tsuyoshi Kanda gave a brief announcement confirming their intentions to support Resident Evil Village with more DLC. Unfortunately, he did not go into details as to what this may be or when we can expect it, so it may be some time before you can play it. It's possible this is connected to "DLC02", a mysterious unreleased DLC that still has not been released after eight months. Re:Verse is still on track to come out next month in the meantime.

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Forerunner Forerunner 11 June

Live-action show cast announced!

The upcoming Resident Evil live-action show is finally ramping into production. So far six cast members have been confirmed to be in the show. From left to right on the attached picture we have:

  • Adeline Rudolph (Minerva Marble in "Riverdale", and Agatha in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina")
  • Siena Nicole Agudong (this is her big break; she played Natlee in the Nickelodean sitcom, "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" when she was much younger)
  • Lance Reddick (More recently he played Christian DeVille in the sitcom, "Corporate", but he's been in various works as a voice actor too - perhaps you heard him as Falcon in the 2012 Avengers series)
  • Paola Núñez (played Esme Carmona in "The Purge")
  • Tamara Smart (Similar to Agudong; Enid in the "Worst Witch" reboot ser…

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HollowIchigo58 HollowIchigo58 5 June

First Person doesn't fit Resident Evil

Okay, after beating Resident Evil Village, I personalty HATE first person in RE, because you can't see the character and have fun with the costumes, like Cowgirl Claire in Revelations 2 or Tribal Sheva in RE5.

I say first person is far more better off for horror games like Alien Isolation, Outlast and Soma, but Resident Evil Village just sucks and not fit for the series.

Also MC's like Ethan or even Mia are bland as toilet paper too and I REALLY want them to bring post RE5 Jill stop doing trash like Ethan and I REALLY hope his story done now.

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Forerunner Forerunner 24 May

Resident Evil beverages

Hey folks, Forerunner here. Today while looking through social media I noticed Capcom has entered into a new partnership with the Cocalero brand in sponsoring the upcoming anime series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. This isn't the second or even the third time we've had beverages in real life that support the franchise, so I thought it would be fun to go through them all. Perhaps you could make a few at home to try out.

  • 1 1. BIOHAZARD 3rd Anniversary Promo Wine Bottle
  • 2 2. Biohazard 15th Anniversary x TBI Group
  • 3 3. T-Virus Antidote
  • 4 4. The Lockup
  • 5 5. TGI Fridays
  • 6 6. BIOHAZARD RE:2 X Bar Rhythm
  • 7 7. Cocalero ✕ BIOHAZARD

For those who would prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, in 1999 Capcom reached a deal with the German winery Carl Jung (not the philo…

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Forerunner Forerunner 22 May

To-do list for June 2021

Hey guys, Forerunner here. I'm listing down a lot of things that need cleaning up on the Wiki so readers/editors can help out.

  • The biographies need cleaning since many are garbled or needlessly long. Common issues whenever a game comes out is that people end up writing them like walkthroughs (hypothetical: "Ethan went to this room and solved a puzzle, then he went to this room and fought some monsters to get a key", etc.)
  • Cutscenes for Village have yet to be fully listed after the castle. You can find the navbox here.
  • We're also missing a few minor characters. Feel free to start an article. You can find them redlinked here.
  • We need to include the Village section of The Tragedy of Ethan Winters Concept Art. It's completely empty.

  • Did you play Umbrell…

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Hoang-Anh12345 Hoang-Anh12345 4 March



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Forerunner Forerunner 26 February

Web 1.0 and lost Resident Evil content

Hey folks, Forerunner here. Lately I've started noticing a lot of dead links around the site due to websites being shut down over the years. We've been around since 16 March 2006, so that's 15 years of deadlinks to watch out for. If you find a dead link, look that link up at the Wayback Machine and replace the link with the archived version.

In the mean time, here are some of the things which - due to websites changing/closing over the years - are effectively lost unless we can figure out what (now lost) websites would have talked about them. They are:

  1. Almost everything to do with the 2000 stage play, "Bioroid Year Zero".
  2. Information relating to when the radio series, "BIOHAZARD The Tragedy of Makoba Village" was on the air.
  3. Likewise for "BIOH…
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TheGhostAlfa TheGhostAlfa 21 November 2020

The Mold and Flood (Halo)

So I've played both RE7 and Halo even more so. Both Flood and Mold creatures are mutilated and reanimated corpses. With that in mind the only way to kill flood would be to kill the original infection form because that's all it needs to live and everything. I am assuming it is the same with the Mold creatures that would mean all you need to do is cause enough damage to the original mold which spreads throughout the body but is centered around the original central nervous system, which would also explain the effects it has on the brain. If it is centered around the central nervous system then that would explain on what makes the hallucinations and psychotic nature of the Baker family. Anyone the Mold chooses to be more so of a slave becomes …

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Raccoon City Storys

with Kevin Ryman and Rita Phillips

I have been dealing with the history of RE and Raccoon City again for the last few days and a thought occurred to me. These two officers of the RPD need their own entry in the franchise! But why?

Well, when I look at the arc surrounding the outbreak in RC, one thing is very clear to me as a fan of storytelling: so much potential and so many stories that can be told. Of course we are not talking about a simple novel here.. The effort involved in a video game is many times greater. Especially nowadays. These two characters can let the player go through the very beginning of the outbreak to the bitter end of the…

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Firestorm808 Firestorm808 13 April 2020

Resident Evil Timeline

  • Timeline by events
  • Timeline by media
  • Progenitor Virus
  • Tyrant Virus
  • Golgotha Virus

  • 1 July 23, 1998 - July 24, 1998
  • 2 September 23, 1998 - October 1, 1998
  • 3 2002
  • 4 Autumn 2004
  • 5 December 24 - 25, 2012

    • Special Tactics and Rescue Service
    • NEST
    • Albert Wesker
    • Rebecca Chambers
    • Billy Coen
    • Chris Redfield
    • Jill Valentine

  • NEST
  • Jill Valentine
  • Leon Scott Kennedy
  • Claire Redfield
  • Ada Wong
  • Katherine Warren
  • Sherry Birkin
  • Annette Birkin
  • William Birkin
  • 23 September
    • Umbrella caught wind of Dr. Birkin's plans thanks to their own moles within the U.S. military, and an Umbrella Security Service task force infiltrated Raccoon City in mid-September and made their way into the…

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Forerunner Forerunner 2 April 2020

Floodgates are open; expect confusion!

Hey folks, Forerunner here. As Resident Evil 3 is now officially out in Japan, Australia and New Zealand (among others), we will no longer be able to commit to keeping spoiler content off the Wiki. Readers in the Western Hemisphere nations such as Canada and the United States are strongly advised to fully expect spoiler content as of now.

Furthermore, as the game is brand new, there will be a chance that information newly added to the Wiki regarding this game will be immediately supplanted by new information. Consequently, we advise users expect there to be confusion for the next few days as Files are added, character biographies are expanded, etc. Anonymous editing is presently de-activated, meaning any reader interested in editing must have a…

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Forerunner Forerunner 10 August 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey guys, Forerunner here. This is an FAQ I'm writing for uses of the Fandom App and Discussions feature. I hope this can be of use for new users confused about aspects of the website. Leave a message in the Comments section if you can, so I know what else could be added.

  • 1 How come there's two pages for the same character?
  • 2 I saw an article I think is badly written. What should I do?
  • 3 I saw an article that has wrong information. Should I fix it?
  • 4 I'm seeing a number of articles consistently saying the same wrong information

The Resident Evil franchise is split into different universes not-unlike Marvel and Detective Comics. As we focus on the franchise as a whole and not just Capcom's game canon (which we call "Prime Universe" here), we have to…

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Forerunner Forerunner 6 July 2019

Arklay Mountain body-count, Part 2

(this is a draft)

Welcome back, folks. Here we'll be counting up the Resident Evil 0 death toll, which is likely to be more complicated than the remake death toll. There are several types of Zombie in the game: Passenger, Conductor, Edward, Cook, Special Forces, Hazmat, Executive candidate, Worker and Naked. Each are indicative of the victim's life, and each are uniquely found in certain areas.

  • 1 Opening (non-train)
  • 2 Train
  • 3 Training Center and basement
  • 4 Training Center Lab
  • 5 Factory and Treatment Plant

Two Marines were part of Billy Coen's detail.

RE0 counter

The train consists of passengers, crew, the Edward Zombie and Special Forces Zombies. For the same of clarity with 'Part 1', we shall ignore Edward.

  • Operator cab
  • Exterior corridor
  • Conductor's …

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Forerunner Forerunner 6 July 2019

Arklay Mountain body-count, Part 1

Hey there, folks. To celebrate the anniversary of the Mansion Incident - the events of Resident Evil and (to an extent) Resident Evil 0 - I'm going to go the Slasher Movie route and come up with a Body Count. I'm expecting it to be much higher than people would typically expect, and am going to rely on a combination of book sources as well as background shots. Part 1 is just for the remake, with Part 2 upping the ante with the RE0 body-count. We have five categories of victim - Civilian, Police, Umbrella employees, Umbrella test-subjects and Other. They will be split further between those encountered in-game and those added by supporting material.

We see no civilians in either game, with the exception of body photos in the remake opening. Inside…

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Forerunner Forerunner 27 May 2019

Staff Blog: I Don't Know What to Edit

Hey there, Forerunner here. A few weeks back, we did a Twitter poll asking regular readers who don't contribute why they don't. A significant number answered that they simply do not know WHAT to edit.

For you fans who really have no idea what needs fixing, we do in fact have a lot of articles to update, and we tag them accordingly. However, many that are tagged are in need of edits the average user may not be too interested in (e.g. listing all the "Examine" text in a particular room in a particular game). Instead, I'll list a few categories full of pages that you can work on without much worry.

I hope to make this a multi-part series, of which this will be part one. So, let's begin with entry #1 in the list.

We have articles for most (we hope ev…

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Annamatherne1 Annamatherne1 8 May 2019

RE7 Characters

These are the characters of RE7!!!!! They might not be in order but they are still the best (except Lucas) *laughs*

  • Chris Redfield.
  • Eveline.
  • Jack Baker.
  • Ethan Winters.
  • Lucas Baker.
  • Mia Winters.
  • Zoe Baker.
  • Joe Baker.
  • Clancy Javis
  • Police Officer
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Kyle12ellis Kyle12ellis 28 January 2019

Resident Evil

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Staurophobia Staurophobia 29 December 2018

My thoughts on prototype content and the RE2 remake

I've talked about this topic enough among friends and other staff on the wiki, so this blog is essentially a space where I can share my thoughts on this topic as they come to mind.

I enjoy where the Resident Evil 2 remake is going, but there's one glaring thing that really continues to bother me (aside from Claire's new outfits). I keep recognizing what I believe to be scrapped prototype elements being reused.

Don't get me wrong, I like that they have the opportunity to expand on ideas that the original team weren't able to fully implement due to time and hardware limitations. The problem I have is with content that was consciously scrapped or reworked being undone and reintroduced into the game. Regardless of the reasoning, I don't care for i…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 15 June 2018

New Voice actors for Resident Evil 2 (remake)

It appears that the current voice actors are about to be replaced with non-union voice actors. Both Matthew Mercer and Alyson Court are not gonna reprised their roles as both Leon and Claire in the remake.

So Claire's voice actress in Revelations 2 is Danielle Nicolet which is the reason why her alias is a guy named "James Baker" to make Claire speaks in a deeper tone and imitating Roger Craig Smith's performance as Chris Redfield when he angrily yells. Right now she was the regular actress for The Flash Season 5. I'm guessing that she would voiced her again in the remake version. I just watched its official trailer. We better guess more non union voice actors there soon. Since RE2 (remake) is now officially coming out. The DevianART made t…

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Blake Langermann 2 Blake Langermann 2 17 March 2018


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Blake Langermann 2 Blake Langermann 2 17 March 2018


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Tomtheman99 Tomtheman99 11 December 2017

What will happen in Resident Evil 8?

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StingrayBoy102 StingrayBoy102 15 November 2017

Will Paul W.S. Anderson, or someone else, make more live-action RE movies?

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-A Commissar Cainé -A Commissar Cainé 14 November 2017

Good site for RE6 Mercenaries help?

Hi all! I was just wondering whether anyone on here had a link to a site with good tips for the Mercenaries mode on RE6. Only managed to get an S rank with a few characters. Mainly the maps Steel Beast and Mining the Depths. Thanks :)

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Ssjwesker Ssjwesker 22 August 2017

Resident Evil "Canon Collection" Help

I'm trying to assemble a complete collection of everything canon in the main Resident Evil universe. I have 0, 1 Director's Cut/HD , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Degeneration, Damnation, Vendetta, Code: Veronica X, Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles (for Operation Javier), Revelations, Revelations 2, Outbreak, Outbreak 2, Survivor, and Dead Aim. What else do I need? I believe I read that Heavenly Island is canon, I know some of the drama albums are but I'm not sure of which ones.

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AssaultTrooper AssaultTrooper 12 April 2017

Chrysalids (Cocoons) w/ Ruka Khavatanje

This is the most intriguing happening in my gameplay...

What is this thing?

How in the world is this happening?

Let me tell you the story

When I was looking for emblems at Shopping district (Chapter 4) I was playing as Sherry and I shot all the J'avos arm with a Sniper Rifle and Bear Commander lately when two J'avo's went near me and accidentally fire recklessly on the two with Triple Shot and guess what, a second ago they're transforming into Chrysalid.

Is it really possible that a J'avo with a mutated body part can still undergo a Chrysalid state or it's just a Bug?

I swear these are not Photoshopped or edited or whatsoever, the time these ran after is that they have Ruka-Khavatanje.

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DetonatingPoultry DetonatingPoultry 8 February 2017

My Thoughts on RE7

Well, this is surprising.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Let The Rambling Commence...
  • 3 Ch-Ch-Chaaanges
  • 4 Release Timing
  • 5 Bad Guys (and Gals....and Plant Life)

After the unintentional horror that was Resident Evil 6, which brought disgrace not only to the name Wesker but shame to the moniker of Capcom's masthead franchise, I wasn't sure what was coming next. My hope was that we would see a return to form, a game meant to chill the veins of every gamer and send shivers down the spine of even the most indomitably stoic viewer. What I almost expected was a Resident Evil 7 that cashed in again on the name and produced yet another thin conpsiracy, yet another brace of nightmare fuel ripped straight from the playbook of Lovecraft and the school of Slenderman, a comedy …

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SmoothedCookie SmoothedCookie 4 February 2017

Found Interesting Easter Egg in Resident Evil 7

Found an interesting easter egg, confirmed by third playthrough. The codes used to unlock the key pad in Lucas' trap area use the same 4 set of codes, randomised every playthrough, as the ones used to unlock the drawer in the R.P.D. building containing the S.T.A.R.S. room Key in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Found by Stephen McFadyean/SmoothedCookie.

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HollowIchigo58 HollowIchigo58 29 January 2017

Resident Evil 7 Ending Discussion (Spoilers)

Okay at the ending of RE 7 the man that picks up Ethan is named Redfield, but I highly doubt Chris would leave BSAA and join Umbrella,

Ive been hearing its HUNK that stole Chris's identity or his Brother that we don't know about,

What do all of you think?

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Thereselovesyou Thereselovesyou 29 November 2016

Vote in Fandom's Shero Bracket Tournament

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Forerunner Forerunner 19 October 2016

3 Rejected Resident Evil Film Scripts (And Why They Failed)

The first Resident Evil movie was produced over a five year period between 1997 and 2002, and was one of the more chaotic developments in the franchise's history next to BIOHAZARD 1.5 and the many Resident Evil 4s, going through various directors; producers and writers with or without anything actually being done. Of course, most of you readers would only be familiar with the Paul W.S. Anderson Resident Evil, which was the most hated movie on the Internet from 2000 until its release, where people stopped caring an agreed it was passable (kinda like that other movie...).

But this article isn't about Anderson's script - oh, no. This is about the other scripts that his beat out.

Our first script is credited from Alan B. McElroy, who was the first wri…

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Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz 15 October 2016

Least favorite part of Re4 to play through poll

All in all I loved playing the Re4 main game, but there are some parts of the game I hated playing through. I just wanted to know if any other Re4 players had a least favorite part to play through.

I'm sure there are other parts of the game some players don't like playing through that I didn't list, but I felt like the list of possibilities was long enough.

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Prestonm1993 Prestonm1993 6 October 2016

Dilemma in Purchasing RE7:BH

So I want to get Resident Evil 7 no matter what. But what should I get it on? I have a new Xbox One and I have had my PS4 for almost a year and a half. My Xbox one has fewer games, but PlayStation VR is on the other system. In addition, I have the demo, which means I am more accustomed to the controls on PlayStation. I also want to get it on disc because I trust discs more than downloads. However, the Deluxe edition is only available via download. I have thought about buying it on disc for Ps4 and Digital Deluxe on Xbone.

What do you recommend? And while we are at it, what would you do?

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Forerunner Forerunner 4 October 2016

Destroying a myth: "CODE:Veronica was Resident Evil 3"

Hey, Forerunner here. Today I'd like to talk about the often held belief that Resident Evil CODE:Veronica was the 'real' third game, which I feel should be addressed after an incident on Reddit the other day led to a few of our users getting flamed.

The basic story is that Capcom was under a contractural obligation to Sony to have three numbered titles on the PlayStation. With the console's reign on the market about to end with the PlayStation 2's approach, Capcom decided that "Resident Evil 3", a game in development for the Dreamcast, would be renamed "Resident Evil CODE:Veronica" and a smaller game in development for the PlayStation be renamed with the '3'.

The belief is the result of a few of misunderstandings about the series:

  1. There was no …

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Ssjwesker Ssjwesker 18 September 2016

Anyone with older RE4 copy willing to help?

I've been editing a lot of RE4 pages, and I've noticed numerous faults. I'm playing with a PS3 however, and I'd like someone with a GC or PS2 copy too help me identify whether these are faults within the articles or things changed between game versions.

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Ssjwesker Ssjwesker 11 September 2016

Bug Thing in RE4

So I've recently scoured the internet; steam community, this wiki, game theorists, any source I could find, and still I have no information on one part of Resident Evil 4. Right after the fight with U-3 you encounter a flying creature next to the ladder leading to the next area. It can only be hit once before becoming invincible and flying off. It isn't referenced in any file, it is the only enemy of its kind, and it never reappears after that one scene. Does anyone have some theories on what it is?

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Marcusgan11 Marcusgan11 27 August 2016

Chris or Leon?

Curious as to the answer to this, but: Between Leon and Chris, who is your fav character? For me, it's a toss up- leaing towards Leon....

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T-002 T-002 12 August 2016

Mobile games soundtrack

I've extracted and converted to MP3 the soundtrack from the following mobile phone games: Zombie Buster, Confidential Report (all the 4 Files), Assault The Nightmare, Genesis and Uprising.

Can I post the link here? There's no official retail OST with these songs.

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BiggestDreamerDream BiggestDreamerDream 11 August 2016

Do you prefer games or movie universe.

I was wondering, if people are more fan of games or if you prefer cinematic universe. I prefer more games over movie, because in games characters have much more development, purpose. Unlike in movies, where Alice is sole protagonist and center of universe. If you wondering about with video game universe, I'm speaking. I'm speaking about original games starting with Resident Evil 1996 game.

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Forerunner Forerunner 13 July 2016

What I learned looking through Usenet

As some of the much, much older Resident Evil fans will know, Usenet was the central point of talk of the franchise in the 1990s leading up to about 2002. Fansites weren't so common back then outside of Angelfire (Unless you count Biohazard Extreme), so to most Internet-using fans all they needed was That message board was archived by Google for their Google Groups project, and it looks pretty complete. Below are the things I found while browsing through.

  • 1 People hated Wesker's Report
  • 2 Hatred for Anderson's film started almost instantly, and a year before the movie game out
  • 3 BIOHAZARD 1.5 was a big thing, and its nick name was "Holy Grail"
  • 4 Hatred for new games began with RE3

The original Wesker's Report was written to coin…

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JacobMrox JacobMrox 21 June 2016

Umbrella Corps has been released

Umbrella Corps has been released today (June 21, 2016) and I see mixed critics on Steam .

Apparently on Steam, it suffers from "bugs" too like the game not starting, but from what we've seen its really nice and I hope any bugs should get squashed soon. 

Have you played it yet? share your thoughts with us if you've played it!

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JacobMrox JacobMrox 20 June 2016

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard could be the greatest entry!

This blog contains scenes of explicit violence and gore.

Return to isolation, limitation, gore, horror and combat. This is finally happening! I could not believe my eyes when I woke up to go do my exam on the 15th of June only to see this video in my subscriptions feed, I thought it was a joke by CAPCOM but realized its not april and its E3! I was speechless, the greatness I've seen was unexplainable, honestly... but now let's get to the important parts, Information! everyone loves details and I hope I can cover as much as possible to substitute for when I had exams.

Resident Evil 7 was announced at E3 in June 15, 2016, just a few days ago where a trailer was showcased and released online and a public "teaser demo" was announced for Playstat…

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Jasper the Quartz Gem Jasper the Quartz Gem 8 May 2016

El Gigante fanart pic

Since El Gigante is my new favorite boss in the Resident Evil series, i made a fanart pic of him, so here he is:

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Jasper the Quartz Gem Jasper the Quartz Gem 30 April 2016

Resident Evil 5 Majini fanart

Since i now also have Resident Evil 5, i decided to do some fanart of some of the majini enemies in the game, i already have two fully done, i have two others of the Wetland Majini, Executioner, and one of the Regenerador from RE4, but i decided to finish them later, so for now here's a couple of fanart pics taken on my webcam of a couple of the mini-boss Majini enemies.

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Jasper the Quartz Gem Jasper the Quartz Gem 25 March 2016

I got Resident Evil 4

Yesterday i got Resident Evil 4 as a early birthday gift from my grandfather! I couldn't thank him so much for that! Now i am going to play the living crapping crap out of it! I already have beaten Del Lago boss and i honestly found him easier than i expected, well it was the first major boss so it obviously couldn't have been THAT hard, but it still gave a challenge, and the game is without hesitating to say this: HORRIFYING! Resident Evil 4 has given me more scares than Deadly Silence on the DS, the only scare from that game that got me was the Cereberus popping through the door, but back to Resident Evil 4, i am excited for what's next! I already had spoiled what is coming but i promise i will try not to have to much spoiled, i honestly…

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JL the superhuman JL the superhuman 15 March 2016

Favorite games, characters, monsters, and soundtracks

  1. Resident Evil 2
  2. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
  3. Resident Evil CODE:Veronica
  4. Resident Evil
  5. Resident Evil: Dead Aim
  6. Resident Evil Outbreak
  7. Resident Evil 5
  8. Resident Evil 6

  1. Claire Redfield
  2. Jill Valentine
  3. Rebecca Chambers
  4. Sherry Birkin
  5. Chris Redfield
  6. Leon S. Kennedy
  7. Jack Krauser
  8. Bruce McGivern
  9. Fong Ling

  1. Zombie
  2. Zombie Dog
  3. Mr. X
  4. Nemesis
  5. Tyrant
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