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"Bio-weapon. It was once a human."
— Alice explains the Bloodshot to Doc.

Bloodshot was a mutant Undead developed by the Umbrella Corporation as a bio-weapon. It was sealed under The Hive.[1]


Being developed at an unknown period of time by the Umbrella Corporation as a human-based biological weapon. Only one individual had been known to exist, likely a prototype, that resided in a desolate experimentation chamber inside of The Hive. This chamber also housed multiple cadavers and torture devices (chainsaws, various chemicals, meat hooks, surgical tools and restraining tables). The Bloodshot seemingly lived in this chamber for a long duration of time, as the remains of multiple subjects and Undead appear to have been partially eaten, with multiple skeletal remains littering the area.[2]
Bloodshot Vision

The Bloodshot's light-sensitive vision.

While infiltrating The Hive in search of a potential anti-virus, Alice and Michael fell from the facility's vents into the chamber the Bloodshot resided in. The two began to search the area, with Michael agitating a mutilated Undead before being attacked by the Bloodshot. He was immediately killed by the creature when it bit down on his head and decapitated him. Alice exploited its light-sensitive vision by making a diversion with her flashlight, giving her time to hook a chain to the Bloodshot's chest and restrain it. As the creature pulled on the taut chain, the hook tore open its torso, seemingly killing it. However, as Alice climbed out from beneath it, it sprung back to life and gnashed its jaws at her. She then killed the creature with her knife by stabbing it through the chin and into its brain.

Doc arrived shortly after, asking Alice just what exactly the creature was. Her response being that it was a human based bio-weapon.

Although only one was known to of existed, if any more of them had been developed, they would've all likely died off following the release of the anti-virus upon the world.

Further notes

  • The creature is not named in the film, though it is inspired by the "Bloodshot" enemy from Resident Evil 6. The J'avo enemy from that game was also the basis of another creature in the film, as confirmed by Paul W.S. Anderson.
  • In the novelization of the film, Michael was not decapitated by the Bloodshot. Instead, most of his flesh is ripped clean from his head, causing him to scream out as he grasped at his skull, before dying from shock and blood loss.



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