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The Umbrella Corporation, abbreviated as Umbrella Co., is an American company founded in 2007. It was formed out of the American division of the Umbrella Corporation, an international pharmaceutical company that went bankrupt in 2003.[1] To differentiate it from its predecessor, its logo was given a blue hue and nicknamed "Blue Umbrella", separating it from the red-hued "Red" Umbrella.



From the 1970s to the 1990s, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and Umbrella U.S.A. in particular, and the Umbrella Corporation in general aided the United States government in providing bioweapons research contrary to the 1972 Bioweapons Convention. In September 1998, a viral weapon, a modified ε strain, leaked into the city's drinking supply and mutated tens of thousands into creatures dubbed "Zombies". To both halt the spread and cover-up the research, the President ordered an experimental thermobaric weapon to be fired into the heart of the city on the morning of 1 October. With the existence of bio-weaponry kept a secret, the US government formed a policy of shifting all blame for the 100,000 deaths onto Umbrella. Congress made attempts to shut down and federalize Umbrella U.S.A. while a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the victims' families went underway. This case, dubbed the "Raccoon Trials", finally ended in 2003 with Umbrella being found criminally-liable, and international orders for the arrest of executives were made.


Following the 2004 Terragrigia Panic, knowledge of Bio Organic Weapons became public knowledge, and the threat of bioterrorist groups acquiring such weaponry intensified. To ready itself for a new stage in the ongoing War on Terror, the US government authorised Umbrella U.S.A.'s restructuring in 2007, with a number of former employees given control over it as a private company.[2] Blue Umbrella was entrusted with the duty of aiding in anti-B.O.W. warfare with the help of the private sector, but was given a number of restrictions; for example, it was not allowed to run any organisation comparable to the Umbrella Security Service. Though it was able to arm a private army, the soldiers were not to be Blue Umbrella employees, but instead other personel on transfer to the company, such as operators within the BSAA. Combat data recorded during these missions was made to be part of the Umbrella Arsenal System, which could be accessed by the BSAA for their own research. Though this was aimed at being totally secret, hacking activities by unknown individuals allowed some information to become publicly available online.[3]

Dulvey Incident

The Dulvey incident was an outbreak of a Mold-based bioweapon engineered by The Connections, which consumed the ranch belonging to the Baker family in Louisiana. Lasting from October 2014-July 2017, the human B.O.W. prototype "Eveline" infected a number of people measuring from the dozens to hundreds, and was able to manipulate infected people into aiding in the abduction and murder of others. Blue Umbrella became aware of the outbreak by July 2017, and understood that one of the family members, Lucas, was free from Eveline's control and was aiding The Connections in Mold research. Blue Umbrella launched an assault on the Baker ranch and quickly gained control of the farmhouses, rescuing civilians Ethan and Mia Winters in the process. A second team was killed by Lucas in the former Abercrombie Salt Mine; BSAA Captain Chris Redfield was successful in killing a mutated Lucas. When it was discovered the Mold had spread into the local wildlife, a large wall was constructed in the bayou around the house as an exclusion zone, and Blue Umbrella units were sent out beyond the wall to ensure no mutants escaped containment while efforts were underway to create a cure for the infection. Several weeks after their initial arrival, Jack Baker made an attack on Blue Umbrella, killing both operators and lab workers, and forced his way back to the ranch's Main House with his daughter, Zoe. Blue Umbrella reinforcements led by Captain Redfield found he had already been killed by Jack's brother Joe.





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