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" don't understand, Mark; I'm no different from them. I feel the hunger. So, please, let me die while my conscience remains."
— Bob's last words to Mark.

Bob was a Raccoon City security guard, working for Scutum (Latin for "Shield") Security, and a friend of Mark Wilkins.[1]


When the zombie outbreak reached uncontrollable levels on Wednesday 23 September 1998, Bob was already on the verge of complete infection, feeling the same intense hunger the already succumbed victims felt. When a zombie entered Jack's Bar, the unsuspecting bartender, Will, was attacked; Bob fell unconscious as the zombie arrived, preventing Mark from helping Will. Though infected, Bob has no visible injuries and appears oblivious to any strange events that may have caused such, suggesting that he was one of the many citizens of Raccoon City infected through tainted drinking water.

The player has the option of helping Bob up to the roof of the bar. When reaching the roof, he attempts to commit suicide. Whether he succeeds or turns into a zombie before he can shoot depends on the difficulty level.


As an AIPC[]

Bob can get damaged by zombies during the Outbreak scenario, however he can't be cured by Cindy Lennox, nor with the help of First Aid Sprays. If zombies manage to kill him before reaching the rooftop, the player won't be able to obtain his handgun. He becomes a liability in play due to the fact that his starting condition is Danger and he's already infected with the t-Virus. On higher difficulties, it is not uncommon for Bob to be killed before the player even reaches him. If you do not play as Mark and select Lone Wolf Mode there will be no Bob.

As the player[]

The following is a translated adaptation of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.

Infection rate
2.03% per minute
Movement speed
Attack modifier
Starting condition
Starting items
Box of Handgun Bullets (10)


The following is a transcription of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.
名前 Bob
モデル Mark
精力 3100~3500
ウイルス侵攻 2.03% per minute
移動速度 0.75
攻撃力補正 X0.98
初期所持アイテム Box of Handgun Bullets (10)



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