"A bronze-made book-shaped object. It says "Given knowledge" on it."
— Item examination - English
"ブロンズ製の本のオブジェだ 「与えし知識」と記されている "
— Item examination - Japanese

Book of Wisdom (知識の本 chishiki no hon?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Before checking, the name of this item is "Bronze Book" (ブロンズ製の本 buronzu-sei no hon?).


This book can be set in the hollow near the fountain in the restaurant front road. Searching the hollow without the book, Jill can read ""Place your wisdom here." There's a hollow space for something to be put in.". After setting the book, Jill can take safely the Future Compass, located near. After taking the Compass, player can take the Book back also, but it is useless for further game's completion.


The book is initially held by the mayoral statue at the City hall with the message: "A bronze statue of Raccoon City Mayor Michael Warren. There's a switch. Will you push it?". After pushing the switch, a message "It's holding something in its hand." can be read and Jill can obtain this book. It is noticeable, that she can set the book in the statue's hand back, but this action has no effect.




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