Bosawan is a file in Resident Evil 6. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


This file can be found in Chris Chapter 3.


Bosawan is a shantytown district located in the Chinese city of Waiyip built around the remains of a ruined fortress. Chris Redfield and Alpha Team chase a B.O.W. with a highly developed camouflage ability to this area.

In the early twentieth century, the area was a base of operations for British colonialism. The Emperor of China was able to rally the surrounding peoples to extirpate the British from their land. Following British abandonment, the areas of Bosawan lapsed into a lawless zone. With no one in control, people started building dwellings haphazardly, until they piled up into the current labyrinthine mess the district is today.

After the terrorist attack, half of the residents in the area were able to evacuate, but the whereabouts of the rest are unknown. However, a memo was found giving hints as to what may have happened to them. It was supposedly written several days before the attack.


A beautiful woman named Wong showed up in Poisawan recently.

She said she was looking for young, healthy men, so I approached her with interest. It seems that she had been asking around for people like myself who would be interested in participating in testing new medications. The amount of money she was offering is enough to live simply off of for a year. I don't know what kind of medicine they're testing, but you can't beat that price.

Testing new medicine sounds a little scary, but I can't help but think about that money. I think I'll take Wong up on her offer.








Further notes

"Bosawan" is an inaccurate localization, as the Katakana used in the Japanese script is "ポイサワン", which generates "po-i-sa-wa-n". As such, the "Poisawan" spelling used in the extended Resident Evil.NET version of the file is the proper translation.



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