The bottlecap collection

Bottlecaps are special "trophies" given to Leon by the Merchant. There are 4 rows, to which there are 4 stages at the Shooting Range minigame.

Bottlecap list

Stage A
Localized name Japanese name Translated name Image
Leon w/ rocket launcher レオン(ロケラン) Leon (Roke-laun) Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Leon w rocket launcher
Leon w/ shotgun レオン(ショットガン) Leon (Shotgun) Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Leon w shotgun
Leon w/ handgun レオン(ハンドガン) Leon (Handgun) Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Leon w handgun
Ashley Graham アシュリー Ashley Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Ashley Graham
Luis Sera ルイス Luis Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Luis Sera
Ada Wong エイダ Ada Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Ada Wong
Stage B
Don Jose 村人(オノ) Villager (Axe) DonJose
Don Diego 村人(カマ) Villager (Sickle) DonDiego
Don Esteban 村人(素手) Villager (Unarmed) DonEsteban
Don Manuel 村人(スキ) Villager (Fork) DonManuel
Dr. Salvador チェーンソー男 Chainsaw Man DrSalvador
Bella Sisters チェーンソー姉妹 Chainsaw Sisters BellaSisters

Stage C
Localized name Japanese name Translated name Image
Merchant 武器商人 Gun Merchant Merchant
Zealot w/ Scythe 邪教徒(大カマ) Cultist (Large Sickle) ZealotWSycthe
Zealot w/ Shield 邪教徒(盾) Cultist (Shield) ZealotWShield
Zealot w/ Bowgun 邪教徒(ボーガン) Cultist (Bowgun) ZealotWBowgun
Leader Zealot 邪教徒(リーダー) Cultist (Leader) LeaderZealot
Don Pedro 村人(寄生体) Villager (Parasite) DonPedro
Stage D
Soldier w/ Dynamite 戦闘員(ダイナマイト) Combatant (Dynamite) SoldierWDynamite
Soldier w/ Stun-rod 戦闘員(スタンロッド) Combatant (Stun Rod) SoldierWStunRod
Soldier w/ Hammer 戦闘員(ハンマー) Combatant (Hammer) SoldierWHammer
Isabel 女村人(バケツ) Female Villager (Bucket) Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Isabel
Maria 女村人(包丁) Female Villager (Kitchen Knife) Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - Maria
J.J. ガトリング男 Gatling Man Resident Evil 4 bottlecap - J.J.

After each row has been finished, the player will get large cash awards, listed below...

Row 1 - Game Type A: 15.000 Pesetas
Row 2 - Game Type B: 25.000 Pesetas

Row 3 - Game Type C: 35.000 Pesetas
Row 4 - Game Type D: 50.000 Pesetas
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