The Bottom Waterway is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The bottom waterway can be accessed by via ladder, and the area also leads to the supplies storage room. This waterway is a large area composed of Raccoon City's waste. A lot of tumor-like masses due to the G-Virus can be found in here.


Approaching the Green Herb will cause a G-embryo bursting from a corpse chest nearby, and will attack player. The player must venture through the blockage and reach the supplies storage entry facing three G-Adults and one zombie in the process, one spawn from the pipe towards the end.

After obtaining both Queen Plug and King Plug from the storage room, the player can head back up to the lower waterway. After crossing the blockage, one G-Adult will block the ladder. One of the corpses in the pile will also be reawaken as a zombie.




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