The Boulder Passage 2 is an area beneath the Courtyard in Resident Evil and the remake.


The passage is composed of a cavernous path, leading in two directions. Going to the left patn will lead to the elevator heading up to the Courtyard Fountain, while  the path on the right will lead towards a huge boulder. The left path leading to the Courtyard Fountain was not featured in the remake.


Once the boulder is triggered, run back to the safe corridor to avoid it. Head towards the dead end where the Underground map and one of the MO disks will be found. To enter the path leading to the Underground Statue Room, the wall must be turned 3 times using the  Hexagonal Crank. Once that is done, the player must run back to the entry of the passage to avoid being run over by the huge boulder (which will result in an instant death). After the boulder has stopped, a First Aid Kit can be found where it originated from.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Hexagonal hole There's a hexagonal hole.
Under ground map at the wall It's a map of UNDER GROUND. Will you take it? Yes/No
Resident Evil (2002)
Hexagonal hole There's a hexagonal hole here.





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