The Bow Gun is a weapon featured in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


It can be found in the Preparation room of the Military Training Center, sitting along the Pass Number Memo file next to the laptop.


Like the Grenade Launcher, the bowgun can carry nearly unlimited amounts of ammunition of a single type. Although weaker than a handgun, often forcing the player to fire over a dozen bolts to down a single zombie, the bowgun is much faster due to a near total lack of recoil and has a near unlimited range. The bowgun's most useful attribute is its ability to carry special explosive bolts, comparable to an average grenade round in power, but without the arc of fire that so drastically reduces their range. These bolts are fired with the same speed as regular bolts and are devastating when launched en masse.

The Bow Gun is part of Claire's loadout in the Battle Game, loaded only with explosive bolts and with infinite ammo.

  • Examine: Bow Gun
"Cross Bow Handgun. A powerful bow gun which is mainly used for hunting."
  • Examine: Bow Gun Arrows
"An iron-made arrow for use with a bow gun."
  • Examine: Gun Powder Arrow
"An iron bow gun arrow combined with gun powder."
  • Examine: Bow Gun Powder
"This is gun powder for a bow gun arrow."



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