"A powerful bow gun primarily used to hunt large game."
— Item examination - English
"おもにハンティング用に使用される強力なボウガンだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Bow Gun (ボウガン bougan?) is a weapon item that Claire Redfield can find in Resident Evil 2.


This weapon is roughly a weaker version of Leon's Shotgun, in as much as it is a close range weapon with the potential to hit several enemies at once, carrying up to 18 bolts and firing them in a spread three bolts at a time. It does however benefit from a slightly faster firing speed than the shotgun.

The Bowgun is unable to decapitate or split enemies in two, but can kill a zombie in one shot at close range as long as all three bolts hit. Any less will only wound the zombie.

The Bowgun is not as effective with larger enemies such as Lickers although interestingly, the bowgun's silent firing can sometimes confuse these sightless creatures.


Main game

The Bow Gun can be found in different places depending on the scenario being played:

  • In Scenario A, it can be picked up from the corpse of Robert Kendo in his gunshop and found later in the police station's rear car park cabin.
  • In Scenario B, it can be found in the weapon cabinet of the S.T.A.R.S. office.

Extreme Battle

In Extreme Battle, Ada Wong starts the mini game with the Bow Gun in her inventory.




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