"A creepy doll used for black magic. Each one in your inventory gives you a 1% boost to your attack power."
— Inventory description

The Boxer Effigy (攻撃のエフィジー kōgeki no efijī?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which appears in the End of Zoe DLC mini-game.


The Boxer Effigy is scattered all throughout the End of Zoe DLC, but once equipped, they give Joe a 1% increase in attack power. There are at least 16 that he can collect. For most, they are set to spawn in a certain place, however there are a few found in boxes that can spawn anywhere.

In addition to the Boxer Effigies, there is a stronger counterpart named the Champion Effigy.


Whilst all effigies spawn on every playthrough, some will always spawn in the exact same location, whilst others (which are found in boxes) can be in a number of locations.

Fixed Spawns

Image Location Description
Boxer Effigy 1.jpg Joe's House Found after the first breakable barrier with the yellow marking on it on a barrel to the left
Boxer Effigy 2.jpg Base After placing Zoe on the couch, backtrack whilst sticking to the left to find it on the bank
Boxer Effigy 3.jpg Base Found on a sack next to the save point before dropping into the Medical Storage room
Boxer Effigy 4.jpg Base Next to the save point in the shack after the first fight with the Swamp Man
Boxer Effigy 5.jpg Paddle Boat Deck On the landing, behind the Steering House
Boxer Effigy 6.jpg Paddle Boat 1F On the shelf with the saving point next to the cure synthesising machine
Boxer Effigy 7.jpg Abandoned Church In the save shack just before entering the graveyard area
Boxer Effigy 8.jpg Abandoned Church On the right-hand metal pole before ascending the steps into the church
Boxer Effigy 9.jpg Old House The final effigy is found pinned to the right-hand wall along the bridge leading from the Old House

Potential Spawns

Image Location Description
Potential Boxer Effigy 1.jpg Paddle Boat 2F Directly above the cure synthesising machine there's a box next to a patrolling Quick Molded which can contain one
Potential Boxer Effigy 2.jpg Paddle Boat Hold In the battle with the Swamp Man, there are two breakable boxes and both can contain a Boxer Effigy.
Potential Boxer Effigy 3.jpg Quarantine Area 1 Once chasing the Swamp Man, you'll come to a large open swamp area. The box on one of the platforms is another potential spawn.
Potential Boxer Effigy 4.jpg Quarantine Area 2 In the shack where two Molded drop down from the ceiling or a Double Blade Molded appears on Joe Must Die, the box in here can contain one.
Potential Boxer Effigy 5.jpg Quarantine Area 2 After leaving the first shack, you'll see two crates on a platform in the water. Either or both can contain an effigy.
Potential Boxer Effigy 6.jpg Quarantine Area 2 After the second shack, you'll need to drop down and then go up another ramp. At the top is a box which could have an effigy in it.
Potential Boxer Effigy 7.jpg Abandoned Church, Cemetery In a crate in the area where you fight the Fat Molded.

Further Notes

  • Each of the boxes which are a potential spawn for the Boxer Effigies, also have a chance of containing a Champion Effigy


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