Boy Meets Girl is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played at the beginning of "Chapter 1" of Jake Story.


In Eastern Europe of 2012, a mercenary named Jake Muller, was sitting down and talk to the other mercenary about the "energy booster" that he take a dose. Jake stands up and take his apple. The mercenary slice apple instead of Jake. He counter the mercenary's attack, but it was revealed that the mercenary became Javo. Jake jsays, "I am willing to renegotiate" and then attack Javo with hand-to-hand combat. The DSO Agent named Sherry Birkin, who walk by and ask Jake that he did take a dose of "energy booster". Jake answers yes, however, he didn't turn into one of them. Sherry figure out that he got the antibodies, which confused Jake. She tells him that he could be the key person to save the world. Jake will better "saved himself" first. Sherry introduces herself to Jake, but he interrupted her introduction and there's no time to explain. Before they can proceed, a mysterious woman in blue dress spies on them.


Jake (To other mercenary): This stuff do anything for you yet? Supposed to be some kind of energy booster, but I don't feel any different. You know, between me and you, I think we should've asked for more money. A lot more. Pretty sure this wasn't part of the contract… But I am willing to renegotiate.

Sherry: Did you take your dose?
Jake: Yeah. But if you want your own hit, you gotta sign up with the lady downstairs. (The mercenary disintegrates) Wouldn't recommend it, though.

Sherry: No question. You've got the antibodies.

Jake: Thank you very much. Wait, what?

Sherry: You could be the key to saving this world, Jake Muller.
Jake: Better save myself first.

Jake: You lose something?

Sherry: Just my balance. I'm fine.

Sherry: Sherry Birkin, the United States—

Jake: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good for you, but now's not really the time. You coming?

Sherry: After you.

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