Boy Meets Girl is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played at the beginning of "Chapter 1" of Jake Story.


It is Christmas Eve in the Eastern European city state of Edonia. Jake Muller, a mercenary for the Edonian Liberation Army, sits down in one of the rebels' bases. He talks with a friend about a nutritional supplement they have been given, wondering if it is effective. The others also take their injections, but begin to quickly mutate, showing it is not a supplement at all. Jake, however, shows no effects, and is taken by surprise when his friend swings a knife at him, though is able to defeat him. A blonde haired woman, DSO agent Sherry Birkin, enters the room, having been sent to find him. He confirms her query that he took the shot, meaning he has antibodies against the virus. They head off, watched in secret by a woman in a blue dress.


Jake (To other mercenary): This stuff do anything for you yet? Supposed to be some kind of energy booster, but I don't feel any different. You know, between me and you, I think we should've asked for more money. A lot more. Pretty sure this wasn't part of the contract… But I am willing to renegotiate.

Sherry: Did you take your dose?
Jake: Yeah. But if you want your own hit, you gotta sign up with the lady downstairs. (The mercenary disintegrates) Wouldn't recommend it, though.

Sherry: No question. You've got the antibodies.

Jake: Thank you very much. Wait, what?

Sherry: You could be the key to saving this world, Jake Muller.
Jake: Better save myself first.

Jake: You lose something?

Sherry: Just my balance. I'm fine.

Sherry: Sherry Birkin, the United States—

Jake: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good for you, but now's not really the time. You coming?

Sherry: After you.

Jake Muller: 「効いたかい、 これ? 栄養剤かしいが.俺にはよくわかんねえ」
「お互い金で雇われた身だ。その意味、 わかるよな?」

Sherry Birkin: 「その注射使ったの?」

Jake: 「ああ…興味があんのなら… 下にいる妹ちゃんに言いな。 …俺は勧めないけどな」

Sherry: 「やっぱり、 あなたには抗体が…」

Jake: 「そいつはどうも…。…ってなんの話だよ?」

Sherry: 「あなたが世界を救うカギなのよ、 ジェイク・ミューラー」




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