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Claire-Left Wrist Cuff Bracelet

Claire notices the bracelet on her left hand wrist as she wakes up.

"Those Bracelets change color in response to fear..."
— The Overseer talking to Claire and Moira through the bracelets.

Bracelets are "Fear Indicators" which play a major role in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

After an attack on TerraSave HQ Party in 2011, Claire, Moira, Natalia, Gina, Neil and several other TerraSave members were kidnapped and taken as hostages on Sein Island. Claire and the others woke up to find out that these bracelets had been attached on their left hand wrists, and even on Afflicted which is notably total red in color.



Natalia has her own bracelet, with number 09 on it

These bracelets measure the adrenaline and nor-epinephrine levels to calculate the fear of the wearers.[1] The bracelets also indicate a number on it as a "subject" number, Claire's subject number is 2, Moira is 6 and Natalia is 9.[2]

The colours the bracelets' lights turn to indicate the wearer's state :[1]

  • Green: Normal
  • Orange: Anxiety
  • Blinking Red: Fear (mutating)
  • Red: Mutated

If a subject is able to “win” over their fear, mentally speaking, even though physically they have adrenaline pumping through their body – that is having truly conquered their fear. In that case, the sensor will just stop at displaying red.