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Brad's Note is a file in Resident Evil 2. It is one of the EX Files exclusive to the Nintendo 64 version of the game.


This file can be found in the small tunnel below the Raccoon Police Station—accessed by a stairwell on either side of the front entrance—in the same area where Brad normally appears. This file is only present in the "B" scenario.


It's that monster in the black suit again! Why does that thing keep chasing me?! What did I do? This must be someone's sick idea of a joke.

If I knew things were going to end up like this, I would have left the S.T.A.R.S. team a long time ago.

But whining won't help me now. I know I'm finished...

Oh... In my hometown Delucia, I bet the flowers are in bloom. If I could only see them once more before I die...

Brad Vickers







Shit! It's that thing in black again! Why's it stalking me? What the hell did I do to deserve this?

Jeez, this is a really sick joke. If I had any idea that joining S.T.A.R.S. would end up like this, I would have cut loose a long time ago.

Well, there's no point complaining about it now I guess. I'll be dead soon anyway.

Hm... I bet the flowers back home in Delucia are blooming like crazy right about now. I wish I could've seen them one last time...

Brad Vickers

Further notes

  • Brad's hometown Delucia does not appear to be a real city.