Further notes
  • In the original, Brad found Jill inside the Black Jack Bar, where he was infected by the zombies chasing him and informed her about "Persuer". Soon after, Vickers was spotted again by the Nemesis-T Type, and was chased all the way to the Raccoon Police Station. Injured, he warned Valentine, but was immediately cornered by the B.O.W. as it jumped over the gates. Grabbed by the head and held into the air, the B.O.W. then impaled him through the head with a tentacle. While this wound should have killed him quickly, Vickers was infected with the t-Virus - either solely from the tentacle or a mixture of it and a pre-existing infection. Falling unconscious, he mutated quickly due to the highly potent nature of the tentacles' resin.[1]
  • If Jill chooses not to assist Brad at the Black Jack Bar, his dialogue will be slightly different, as he vents about how the city itself could not anticipate such a problem, rather than the police alone.
  • The English version of the original Resident Evil manual gives biographies for characters different from the Japanese version, and may be non-canon. Brad's entry gives him the nickname "Chickenheart", which was picked up by S.D. Perry for her novels.
  • Original Resident Evil 2 director Hideki Kamiya came up with the idea of Brad appearing as a Zombie for a post-game easter egg.[2] This was expanded upon by Resident Evil 3: Nemesis writer Yasuhisa Kawamura, who would try to canonise it in a 1999 Famitsu interview, explaining he was infected and therefore escaped what should have been a fatal wound.[1] In the remake versions the opposite happened; In the Resident Evil 2 remake, Brad only appears in a recruitment poster while only in the Resident Evil 3 remake, he appeared as a zombie.
  • Brad's biography is greater expanded in the Resident Evil 3 remake, revealing he was actively assisting in the S.T.A.R.S. investigation on Umbrella. While the original Resident Evil 2 implied Umbrella saw him as a threat, it was never established until then that he was involved. Also in the remake version, Brad proved to be more courageous than his equivalent to the original game and he was responsible for infecting Marvin Branagh before his zombified body was killed by Carlos Olivera.
    • The player still can have a choice not to kill Brad. Carlos can just wait for Tyrell to succesfully pick RPD front door lock and run away. This would, however, make player cannot unlock the ammo stacks in RPD that require Brad's STARS card and he will still chase Carlos inside the police station.
      • In the Nightmare or Inferno modes, if Carlos managed to kill Brad at the front gate of RPD, his ID card is not in his body, but instead, the card will be in the Guardroom.


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