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The Brain Sucker is a creature unique to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. In HEAVY mode, it has a health range of 74-130 points; in LIGHT it ranges from 47-86.[1]


The following attack names and stats are derived from the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK.[2]

Attack Damage Description
Grapple (組みつき kumitsuki?) 30
Both claws (両ツメ ryō tsume?) 10
Right/Left claw (右/左ツメ migi/hidari tsume?) 10
Venom (毒液 dokueki?) Close range: 10
Long range: 5

The Brain Sucker's attacks are comparable to its Drain Deimos counterpart, with the addition of releasing a poisonous substance on its prey when in close-range. The Brain Sucker can stand up to attack humans with its claws. It can also crawl on walls, turning combat into a three-dimensional format when in the city.


While a single handgun shot will cause them to fall down, they will quickly stand back up and attack the shooter. It is advised that the player avoid the Brain Sucker due to its poisonous abilities; these creatures can easily jump on prey from behind to begin this attack.



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