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The Brainer is a melee weapon in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. In the Japanese version it is known as the Zombie Beil (ゾンビバイル Zonbibairu?).


The device is a modified ice ax intended for destroying the link between the cerebrum and spinal cord.


The Brainer is a weapon only used for melee attacks, while being held it increases the movement speed of the player regardless if they are crouching, prone, running, etc.

While holding the Brainer, a visual indication of its range will be on the floor at all times, with targets within it turning yellow. Only the player holding the Brainer will see the indication.

It's possible to charge the Brainer by holding the "aim" button, a sound effect will play and the Brainer will turn fiery, during this mode, the Brainer's main attack with the "fire" button cannot be countered by other players. If a player runs for 100m total with a charged Brainer, they will earn the Hot Feet award and RE.NET record.

If a player counters against a Brainer, they will receive the Mad Skills award and RE.NET record. The counter is done by pressing the "melee" buttong while an enemy player is attacking with the main Brainer attack. This will kill the enemy player.

There are two U-Trials tied to the Brainer:

  • Scratching an Itch - Kill an enemy player with the brainer. (200 total)
  • CQBZ Master - One Life: Kill an enemy player with a melee attack or the brainer. (60 total)