Bravo Captain is a cutscene in the 2002 remake of Resident Evil. This cutscene takes place during Chris Redfield's investigation of the underground.


Enrico Marini has been injured while exploring the caves, possibly by a Hunter. Aware of the X-Day conspiracy but not knowing the name of the traitor, Enrico refuses Chris' help and sees it as an attempt on his life. As he prepares to shoot Chris an unseen assailant fires at Enrico from behind Chris and runs away.


Chris Redfield: "Enrico!"

Enrico Marini: "Don't... come any closer, Chris..."

Chris: "What happened?"

Enrico: "Double-crosser..."

Chris: "Enrico... wait!"

Enrico: "Um... brel... la..."

Chris: "Enrico!"
"A double-crosser?"

Chris Redfield: "エンリコ"

Enrico Marini: "それ以上近づくな クリス"

Chris: "どうしたんだ?"

Enrico: "裏切り者め!"

Chris: "エンリコ よせ!"

Enrico: "…アン・ブレ…ラ…"

Chris: "裏切り者!?"


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