BIO HAZARD The Beginning
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Brian Iron is a character in Resident Evil: The Book.


Brian Iron was the head of the Raccoon Police Department, as well as the man who organized the S.T.A.R.S. unit and acted as the leader before 1996, where he had been promoted to Police Chief with Albert Wesker acting as his successor as unit commander. Although reputed to be skilled in law enforcement, Iron also exuded a huge sense of arrogance regarding his skills, which led to his being hated by the department for his hypercriticalness. At one point, he also intended to run for mayor of Raccoon City, which became more powerful thanks to the Umbrella Corporation integrating itself with the community.

Around the time of the grizzly murders in 1998, after Chris Redfield found a couple killed by a mysterious creature, and went off in pursuit, the Raccoon Police Department ended up coming to investigate the report. Because Chris did not stay by the vehicle or the victims, Iron proceeded to reprimand Chris for leaving the scene of the crime, which eventually resulted in Iron deciding to deal with Chris later. Iron then proceeded to fake concern for the deaths in front of the media, causing the deputy chief to feel as much disgust for Iron as Chris did.

Further notesEdit

While the Japanese version calls him "Brian Iron" (ブライアン・アイアン Buraian Aian?),[1] it was changed in the English re-release.

Several elements of S.D. Perry's characterization of Brian Irons, including his attempted mayoral campaign and formerly running S.T.A.R.S., was taken from his characterization in Resident Evil: The Book.


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