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Brian Irons was the chief of police at the Raccoon City Police Department.[2]


Brian Irons was the chief of police at the Raccoon City Police Department.[2] Chief Irons oversaw the Special Tactics and Rescue Service to some extent, as his signature marks the badges of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.[1] His signature is also found on standard officer badges.[3]

Raccoon City outbreak

Following the events of the Umbrella incident in the Arklay Mountains, a leak from an Umbrella facility within Raccoon City had caused a t-Virus (Clay virus ε-strain) outbreak.[4]

During the outbreak, Chief Irons is found in his office—one of the few safe areas in the building—where he is immobile and confined to a leather couch.[Note 3] After Leon S. Kennedy witnesses a helicopter crash from the precinct's helipad, he comes to speak with Chief Irons regarding the situation.[5][6] Irons reassures Leon by telling him that he is OK and to focus on his own survival.[6][Excerpt 1] Later, Elza Walker is able to visit the chief and he mentions Leon by name.[7][Excerpt 2]

Irons is never shown leaving the precinct, implying that he dies during the outbreak.


Brian Irons has slicked back gray hair and a mustache.[Note 4] He wears an all blue, long-sleeved police uniform with a white T-shirt underneath and a pair of black shoes.[8]

Further notes

  • It is possible that Chief Irons may have had a liking for puzzles, as there is evidence of a puzzle and a hidden key item in his office in the November 1996 build.
  • Irons' name was originally intended to be "Gordon". However, this was changed when a staff member realised that director Hideki Kamiya had already named the character in the original game and forgot.[9]
  • As of the November 1996 build, Irons had lines in the script but was lacking an official model. Instead, Leon is used as a placeholder for him.
  • In the final build of Resident Evil 2, Irons was changed into a violent and sadistic character who was accepting bribes from Umbrella. Additionally, he never interacts with Leon despite Leon being a cop, instead acting as an antagonist in the Claire Redfield scenarios.


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  1. Using the character sheet from the Gallery along with the official heights listed for Leon and Elza, Irons appears to be around 5 feet, 4 inches tall.
  2. In the November 1996 build, Irons' office is named the "SHOCHO ROOM". The name likely refers to the Japanese word shochō (署長?), which translates to "Chief (of police)".
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