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Brian Irons (d. 1998) was the chief of police at the Raccoon Police Department. He was caught up in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident.[1]


Presumably like previous chiefs, Irons was in receipt of bribes from the Umbrella Corporation to keep the RPD out of their illegal operations. Though it is uncertain how much information he personally had on the company's secrets, he was aware of Umbrella's use of the local orphanage as a means of viral weapons research. It was during Irons' leadership that Umbrella began moving their offices to Tall Oaks, forcing Irons' to institute a series of sweeping cuts to the force.[1]

In mid-1998, Raccoon City's drinking water was contaminated with T-virus. Irons may have been in receipt of Umbrella's bottled water, which contained antiretroviral drugs for fighting off infection and was given out to other police officers. Other residents were not so lucky, and over three weeks began deteriorating exponentially until, by the night of September 30th, the city fell to rioting committed by infected residents. Irons, aware of the threat infection posed, killed a burn victim who had entered the police station. With the RPD force at the precinct in short supply and the RPD's elite S.T.A.R.S. team outside the city on a mission, Irons' made plans to flee the city. This was, however, a doomed attempt as Umbrella's private security service had already sealed the exits and had orders to fire on escapees.[1]

In the early hours of 1 October, Irons returned to the police station and was saved from an infected dog by civilian Claire Redfield. While she and officer Leon S. Kennedy ransacked the station for weapons, Irons attempted to make contact with the S.T.A.R.S. team who could rescue them with their helicopter as the infected mob began forcing their way in. When this too failed, Irons took the two with him out of the police station via a back door and to the orphanage. While Irons was able to provide Redfield and Kennedy with information on a secret tunnel, which he knew to lead to the Spencer Mansion, he was attacked and killed by a Licker before he could reveal more information.[1]


Further notes[]

  • In a late 2019 draft, Irons' car scene was to include him in a phone call with his angry wife, who he had chosen to abandon.
  • His favorite band appears to be Journey as he recommended them to Wesker after finding out he was seeing a woman and later in his car he was listening to one of the band's songs "Any Way You Want It".
  • To streamline the plot, Irons' corruption was toned down from being a serial killer bought by Umbrella to more rudimentary corruption.