Brian Irons was the corrupt Chief of Police for the Raccoon City Police Department.


At some point in his career, Chief Irons began taking orders from the Umbrella Corporation as their puppet within the local constabulary. This fact was revealed by investigative journalist Ben Bertolucci moments before his death.

Resident Evil Vol 1 Issue 2 - Brian killed

Brian is killed upon Claire's arrival.

During the G-Virus outbreak, Claire Redfield discovered Chief Irons in his office, with a corpse resting on his table. He was threatened by Claire's presence, believing she was there to steal his trophy from him. Mentally unstable, Irons began talking about the G-Virus and Dr. Birkin's research. Making Claire uncomfortable, she decided to leave the room, an idea Irons was all too happy to allow.

Claire and Sherry Birkin discovered Irons in a secret, underground chamber under the police department. By now he had reached the conclusion that they were sent by Umbrella to investigate him, something which personally hurt the police chief because of all he did for them. With him focusing on the two girls, a tentacle dragged Chief Irons from under a manhole and tore him to pieces, much to Claire's shock.

Further notes

  • His demise was based on the Leon A, Claire B scenario, where Birkin ends up killing Irons directly by dragging him beneath the trap door and then forcibly ripping the police chief in half.
  • In this version of the character, Irons makes no secret that he was the one who killed Warren's daughter, or his intention of stuffing her into a trophy, when meeting Claire.


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