For the character, see Brian Irons.

Brian Irons is a character file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


In the Irons' Secret Passage room in Memory of a Lost City 3, when turning around the corner, shoot the light furthest back at the ceiling for the file.


Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department, and the man responcible for the horrific slaughter of his own people. While pretending to be a warm-hearted police officer, concerned first and foremost with the safety of the city, he was actually concerned only with lining his own pockets. For the past five years, Chief Irons had been accepting bribes from the Umbrella Corporation to cover their various illegal activities. During his college years, he was arrested twice for domestic violence against his wife, and ordered to undergo annual psychiatric evaluations, of which he avoided. These underlying psychological issues would come to a head when the incident in Raccoon City occured. All the masks he created for himself over the years fell away and the last shred of his sanity was shattered. He locked down the police station condemning those within to death. He hunted down and killed the mayor's daughter, and in a last act of insanity, he intended to make her into a trophy.






As was the case with his profile in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, the localized version mentioned regarding his "dark side" that he had been arrested for "domestic violence against his wife" twice during his college years. The Japanese version, however, had mentioned that his arrests were actually for attempts at rape during that time. This was most likely done as an act of censorship due to the serious subject matter.



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