A Brick is a weapon in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Bricks serve as Natalia's primary mean of defense in Revelations 2. She can use them to hit or throw at enemies as well as perform follow-up attacks on them when downed. In addition, Natalia can utilize bricks to break boxes and locks when necessary as well as destroy Insect Larvae. Natalia cannot pick up more than one brick at a time and is unable to bring bricks with her through doors.

Bricks do minor damage and can only be used a few times before breaking. However, the player can use BP to increase Natalia's attack power with the brick in 3 levels. At the max level, enemies such as the Glasp can be killed with as few as two hits from a brick on normal difficulty. The skill also increases the chance of critical hits and makes it easier for Natalia to stun enemies.

Several episodes feature medals that require the player to kill or knock over a certain amount of Rotten with the brick.


Bricks can be found on the ground in various locations around the island. When controlling Natalia, the player can spot them through a blue aura.



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