The Bridge ( bashi?) is an area of Kijuju.[1] It is featured in "Chapter 2-1" of Resident Evil 5. It is not to be confused with Bridge, a similarly-named location appearing much later.


The area contains a labyrinth of stacked shipment containers by a large body of water, where a shipwreck has occurred.


There is a checkpoint after the player opens the door requiring both characters to open.

After the player has jumped the gap onto the bridge and walks forward a little, a scene will play where a semi a semi truck attempts to run over Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. The player must shoot the explosive barrels to stop it or another scene will play where the truck runs into them resulting in a game over. Majini, Big Man Majini and Adjule appear here as enemies.

There is another checkpoint when the player reaches the tunnel. A can be obtain here B.S.A.A. Emblem, it is far off under the bridge.

There are some rats before the exit which leads to The Port.




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