The Bridge Deck is a location in Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 6-2 and Chapter 6-3. This is where Uroboros Aheri is fought by Chris and Sheva. After its defeat, Chris and Sheva head back into the Bridge.


Chapter 6-2

Player can find two crates immediately from their starting position, containing: Rifle Ammo and Incendiary Grenade. Next, player can enter the door to the Bridge deck to trigger a cutscene.

Uses the Bridge Keycard.

As the Uroboros Aheri appear, player can use the Bridge Keycard to obtain the L.T.D. that can be found on the lower deck. Player can climb the ladder and will find few crates on the upper walkway, containing items inside; Red Herb, Handgun Ammo and Incendiary Grenade. The Uroboros Aheri's tentacles will grow brightly whenever it's ready to attack. It can also move closer to loom imposingly before drawing back to strike. This attacks can be dodged by following the on-screen button prompts. Player can shoot the pod of the Uroboros Aheri to inflict damage. At some point during the battle, player will face four tentacles. A brief cutscene will give a notice to player of a new attack style by the Uroboros Aheri. The vicious slam will cause instant death. As player destroys a pod from the Uroboros tentacle, it will release few Uroboros projectiles which will land on the upper walkway. Killing the projectiles will drop random items.

The Uroboros Aheri main weak spot.

As player destroys all the pods, the Uroboros Aheri main weak spot will reveal. Player must inflict sufficient damage to defeat the Uroboros Aheri. The L.T.D. can also be used in this battle:

  • If player use the L.T.D, they can use it to destroy the pods. The L.T.D. must be aim through its scope for 5 second to lock on the target. Once the enemy is targeted, the Satellite will fire its laser down. After the laser is fired, it needs about one minute to recharge, which the character will do on its own.
  • If player ask a co-op partner, they will use it instantly to either to destroy the pods or the creature main weak spot. They will automatically put it down as the L.T.D. will recharge.


Once the Uroboros Aheri is defeated, Chapter 6-2 will end.

Chapter 6-3

Chapter 6-3 will begin in this area; player can make their way back to the Bridge (tanker).


Location Localization Action Original Script
The L.T.D. location Uses the Bridge Keycard. Investigate




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