The Briefcase is a key item in Resident Evil 0. It appears as a small sized clean brown briefcase.


The Briefcase is found in the Conductor's room. It needs to be combined with the Silver Ring and the Gold Ring to be opened. It contains the Blue Keycard.

  • Examine: Normal
"It appears to be locked. There are two holes that look as if they could fit some kind of round object."
  • Examine: With Gold Ring
"The gold ring fits perfectly in the hole"
  • Examine: With Silver Ring
"The silver ring fits perfectly in the hole"
  • Examine: With both rings while not looking at the front
"The Briefcase has been unlocked. There's something inside."
  • Examine: With both rings looking at the front
"The briefcase has been unlocked. Open?"

(options| Yes / NO) if yes; (briefcase is opened)

"There is something inside. Took the Blue Keycard."


Footage from the Trial Edition of the game found on the Resident Evil 0 (Non-Interactive Demo) reveals that the Briefcase (known then as the "Conductor's Bag") was originally found on the floor by the cages in the cargo compartment. The Gold Ring was found in the same room.


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