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The Bright Raccoon 21 Plan[1][note 1] was a development project that took place in Raccoon City in the 1990s to implement rapid modernization.


The Bright Raccoon 21st Century Plan was funded by a number of local enterprises along with the international Umbrella Corporation, who were a major source of business and employment for the city. Aiming to jumpstart the rejuvenation of the city's economy and to provide accommodating infrastructure to properly maintain its growth, this plan would also come to effectively root Umbrella's influence deep into the city and garner unwavering support by its citizens to their loyalty and in debt for their efforts.[2] This initiative would soon transform the recession hit sleepy country city and tourist resort town into a bustling and prosperous metropolis brought up to date with the latest in cutting-edge technology in a matter of a few years within a decade, albeit its urban planning and infrastructural design would leave it with something more to be desired, as evidence of hasty urban sprawl was seen with its strange mix of multi story city blocks overlapping with walkway accessed facilities and buildings from its small city days, questionably more narrow city streets, and constricted walkspace. Nevertheless, the growth of the city by the Bright Raccoon 21st Century Plan would be unquestionably preferred and accepted with zeal by its people.

Other known initiatives include the 1996 inauguration of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, an elite police unit of the Raccoon Police Department equipped with an excellent information network and a wide range of facilities, with members resourced from the military and specialized backgrounds such as medicine and criminal science, to combat the growing cases of professional crime and domestic terrorism in the growing city,[1][excerpt 1] and the restoration of city landmark Saint Michael Clock Tower to help bolster civic pride and continue maintaining Raccoon City's tourism industry. By Fall of 1998, lead figures of Raccoon City's medical industry, community, and the municipal government, including Dr. Nathaniel Bard of Spencer Memorial Hospital and Mayor Michael Warren, were in the process of introducing and unveiling plans for establishing a new part of Raccoon City known as the Special Medical Zone, until the occurrence of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.[3] The plan was later being abandoned following the outbreak and the city's demise on October 1st.



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    "だが、 この設立に際し、 ラクーン市に巨大な工場群を持つアンブレラ社を始めとする地元大手民間企業数社が、 市の一大プロジェクト「明るいラクーン21計画」の一環として出資を行なった。そのため、S.T.A.R.S.は高度を設備と広範な情報網、そして優秀な人材を擁するエリート集団として発足するに至ったのである。"
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