"The break is jagged and wicked sharp. You probably shouldn't touch the edges."
— Inventory description

Broken Glass Bottle (割れたガラス瓶 wareta garasubin?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It appears in both the "Daughters" DLC story.


The Broken Glass Bottle is optional to pick up and use. If Jack catches the player while it is in their inventory, instead of being attacked, Zoe will defend herself by stabbing Jack in the neck with it. Afterwards it will have been "used" and disappear form inventory.


It is located in the Pantry in a drawer that must be unlocked using the Lock Pick. It can only be picked up after Jack becomes hostile. If you have used the Lock Pick on another drawer, the bottle will show up below the washing machine in the same room.



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