For the Resident Evil weapon, see Broken Shotgun (Resident Evil).
"It's broken and can't be used."
— Inventory description

The Broken Shotgun (壊れたショットガン kowareta shottogan?) is an item that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Broken Shotgun can be used to replace the M37 Shotgun in the Main Hall of the Main House to deactivate the trap allowing them to keep the functioning gun.

The Broken Shotgun can also be combined with a Repair Kit to create the M21 Shotgun.


The Broken Shotgun is located in Grandma's Room in the Main House.

Further notes

  • The Shotgun swapping trick is a reference to the first Resident Evil. In order to get the shotgun and leave the room, the player needed to swap the real shotgun with a broken one.


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