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"It's too dangerous to fire! Does it have another use?"
— Description (Original/Director's Cut)
"It's broken and can't be fired. Maybe there's another use for this..."
— Description (Remake)

The Broken Shotgun is a key item that can be found in Resident Evil.


The broken shotgun can be switched with a hanging shotgun in the Spencer Mansion's 1F east lounge to allow the player to obtain the weapon without activating the falling ceiling trap. When playing as Chris, using the broken shotgun is the only way to get past the trap. In Jill's scenario, it is possible to avoid obtaining the broken shotgun as Barry Burton can save Jill before the ceiling crushes her. However, depending on the route the player takes, Barry will not assist Jill with the ceiling trap, forcing her to use the Broken Shotgun.


It can be found inside the Firearms room at Spencer mansion in either the original Resident Evil or its Remake.

Further Notes[]

  • In the Original/Director's Cut versions, the description has "Does" misspelled as "Dose", and "Have" should be "Has"; this is due to Capcom's Japanese typo, which is common in English localizations.
  • The broken shotguns in both versions are really broken doubles of the Remington M870 and Winchester M1897, respectively.