Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Bruce McGivern (b.c.1975) is an American serviceman who served in the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team, a highly-classified special operations task force within the multi-branch USSTRATCOM. McGivern was known amongst his comrades for his reckless behaviour in completing his missions. He also possessed a strong sense of justice and was willing to die for his ideals.[1]


In September 2002, Bruce infiltrated the Umbrella cruise liner, Spencer Rain in order to stop Morpheus D. Duvall from launching the t-Virus missiles at the U.S. While on the ship, Bruce meets up with Chinese agent Fong Ling, with whom he became infatuated. They both work together in the luxury cruise ship while being chased by the menacing Morpheus, who mutated in a tyrant form with feminine appearance and electrical properties of the t+G-Virus.

The Tyrant 091 is unleashed on them and Bruce handles the mutant by himself. After the battle the cruise ship eventually hit the cliff of an island and exploded. Bruce survived, along with Fong Ling and Morpheus. Bruce finds out that the facility was used as a dump for Umbrella's failed experiments. It was also the facility where Morpheus worked as an executive researcher. Bruce is forced to fight his way through several Zombies, Torpedo Kids and Glimmers

Fong Ling initially encounters the blind experimental B.O.W. Pluto, which walks away, while Bruce fights it later on and defeats it. The elevator then comes up, while they are in the elevator Morpheus attacks them yet again and Fong Ling escapes but fails in helping Bruce get out, making her way through the laboratory to stop the missile launch, she is knocked out by Morpheus in the secret room. Bruce later makes his way through the laboratory and obtains the experimental Charged Particle Rifle, making his way through to save Fong Ling, Bruce battles Morpheus, defeating and awaking the unconscious Fong Ling who instructs him to reach the missiles area while a heavily mutated blob-like Morpheus chases him. Bruce defeats Morpheus and successfully prevents the missiles from launching and completes his mission.

After the completion of their mission, Bruce implored Líng to come back with him to the United States, insisting there was nothing left for her in China. Líng kindly refused, insisting China was where she belonged. Bruce then said about "Dong Gua" (a nickname Ling gave him earlier), he said that he's truly an idiot. Surprised that Bruce knew what it really means, he revealed that he's been in China once. As rescue choppers approached to pick them up, Líng, succumbing to her feelings for Bruce, she passionately kisses him, intent on a romantic relationship.

Further notes

  • In Namco x Capcom, he teamed up with Dino Crisis protagonist Regina. Interestingly enough, he knows about the famous Street Fighter, Ken Masters.
  • Like Ark Thompson, Bruce McGivern is a protagonist that has made only one appearance in the Resident Evil series.
  • Much like Chris Redfield's change in physique, Bruce had a great change from his original appearance in Dead Aim and Namco x Capcom where he appears to have bulked up in muscle.



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