Bruce McGivern was a member of US-STRATCOM who was known amongst his comrades for his reckless behaviour in completing his missions. He also possessed a strong sense of justice and was willing to die for his ideals.[1]


In September 2002, Bruce infiltrated the Umbrella cruise liner, Spencer Rain in order to stop Morpheus D. Duvall from launching the t-Virus missiles at the U.S. While on the ship, Bruce meets up with Chinese agent Fong Ling, with whom he became infatuated.

After the completion of their mission, Bruce implored Líng to come back with him to the United States, insisting there was nothing left for her in China. Líng kindly refused, insisting China was where she belonged. As rescue choppers approached to pick them up, Líng, succumbing to her feelings and giving up her cold demeanor, passionately kissed Bruce, intent on a romantic relationship.


  • In Namco X Capcom, he teamed up with Dino Crisis character Regina. Interestingly enough, he knows about the famous Street Fighter Ken Masters.
  • Like Ark Thompson, Bruce McGivern is a protagonist that has made only one appearance in the Resident Evil series.
  • Much like Chris Redfield's change in physique, Bruce had a great change from his original appearance in Dead Aim and Namco X Capcom where he appears to have bulked up in muscle.



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