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Bruce McGivern was a member of the American special forces taskforce US-STRATCOM. He resided in the Material World.


At some point after the 2002 Spencer Rain incident, Bruce and Chinese agent Fong Ling found themselves on its unnamed sister ship. Heading for Japan, they were both tasked with preventing Mishima Zaibatsu from obtaining a sample of a new virus.

Separating himself from Fong Ling, Bruce explored the ship's rec room, finding that S.O.R.T. agent Regina had also entered the ship, intent on retrieving Third Energy data being delivered to M. Bison's Shadowloo organization.

As the two moved back to the front deck to meet up with Fong Ling, they were introduced to a jiāngshī by the name of Hsien-Ko, which dragged them into an argument between her and Zabel Zarock, a guitar-playing zombie. To relieve the group, martial artists Ryu; Ken Masters and Kazama Jin entered the stage, the former two having also joined the ship with the intent on fighting Shadaloo.


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